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Texas State football games provide a friendly and fun atmosphere. The students here have a lot of pride in their football team, which comes as a result of the school’s long run of success in the FCS before their recent promotion to the FBS. The fans here love to show off their Bobcat pride and will be cheering on their team all throughout the game regardless of the score.

The loudest subsection of the student body is known as the Loud Crowd. The Loud Crowd have the inside scoop on what is going on in the program and lead the student section on game days. If you are looking to get into the Bobcat game day spirit, the Loud Crowd is the group for you.

Whether you’re sitting with the Loud Crowd or with the Texas State alumni, you’ll have an excellent time attending a Bobcats football game.

Things to check out

The End Zone Complex

The End Zone Complex is the hub of the Texas State football program. It houses the coach’s office, training room, weight room, and team meeting rooms, so if you’re looking to see what takes place behind the scenes then make sure to check out The End Zone Complex.

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West End Complex

Home to the press and luxury boxes here at Jim Wacker Field at Bobcat Stadium. Those of you wanting to experience a Bobcats game in style will want to get tickets in the West End Zone Complex.

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Hand Signs

Texas State fans have several unique hand signs, which they display during games. The “Heart of Texas State” hand sign is made by holding up your left hand in the shape of Texas and the “Eat ‘Em Up, Cats” sign is made by holding your right hand in the form of a bobcat paw. Use both the “Heart of Texas State” and “Eat ‘Em Up, Cats” signs to show off your Texas State pride.

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The Loud Crowd

You won’t find a louder group of fans at a Texas State game than The Loud Crowd. This group of diehards cheers on the Bobcats win or lose, so make sure to join in on their chants and give Texas State as much of a home field advantage as possible.

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Fight Songs

  1. Go Bobcats!

    This is Texas State’s primary fight song, which is sung before kickoff and after each score. Go Bobcats riles up the crowd and team to provide that extra umph needed to get the victory.

    Go Bobcats all the way,
    Keep that maroon and gold on high!
    Fight on for every play until you hear that Bobcat battle cry! We’re gonna cheer for our team today
    Until the whole world knows our name.
    No doubt about it, We’re gonna shout it —
    Bobcats will win this game!

  2. Alma Mater

    It was written by Jessie Sayers to the tune of “Ancient of Days” in the early 1900s. One unique thing about this alma mater is that the students only sing the first and last verses.

    O, Alma Mater, set upon the green hills, With turrets pointing upward to the sky;
    We yield to thee our love and our devotion; Mother of hopes and aspirations high.
    Thy spirit urges us to deeds of valor,
    Raising the fallen, cheering the oppressed;
    Thy call will echo clearly down the ages. Dear Alma Mater, mother loved and blessed.

  3. Texas State Chant

    At Texas State, the fans like to get as jacked up about the game as the players. They do this through a popular game day chant where one side of the stadium chants TEXAS, and the other side chants STATE. The chant gets progressively louder until the entire stadium is filled with the thundering roars and applause of the Texas States fan. The chant is a great way to amp up the Bobcat players and fans, while simultaneously striking fear into the opponents.


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