1. Renovated Stadium

Part of the Bobcats’ move to the FBS has been the renovation of Jim Wacker Field at Bobcat Stadium. The stadium almost doubled in size in 2012 thanks to a $33 million expansion that boosted its capacity from just over 16,000 to 30,000. The renovation also added numerous luxury boxes, concession stands, washrooms, and concourses all of which will be sure to attract Texas State alumni back to their alma mater.

2. Tailgate Concerts

The Texas State tailgate lots really showcase what Texas football is all about. The tailgate features plenty of food, friends, and country music. Before games, the tailgate lots host a variety of musical acts brought in by the university or private parties. The tailgate is a great place to carouse and make friends before the watching the Bobcats take the field.

3. The Campus Party Scene

To get the most out of your visit to Texas State don’t just stick to the tailgate lots, venture out to the areas around campus for wild parties, bars, and nightclubs. Some of the best parties on campus can be found at the fraternities, which offer all the drinking and dancing anyone could ever want. Texas State students love to get down and boogie with fellow fans.

4. Hand Signs

Texas State fans have several unique hand signs, which they display during games. The “Heart of Texas State” hand sign is made by holding up your left hand in the shape of Texas and the “Eat ‘Em Up, Cats” sign is made by holding your right hand in the form of a bobcat paw. Use both the “Heart of Texas State” and “Eat ‘Em Up, Cats” signs to show off your Texas State pride.

5. The Square

The Square is located in the downtown section of San Marcos and is host to the local bar scene.  It’s the perfect place for all of your pre and post game activities, whether it be drinks, dinner, or live entertainment the square is the place to go.  All this can be done while celebrating a big Bobcats win with alumni and current students.

6. Texas State Chant

At Texas State, the fans like to get as jacked up about the game as the players. They do this through a popular game day chant where one side of the stadium chants TEXAS, and the other side chants STATE. The chant gets progressively louder until the entire stadium is filled with the thundering roars and applause of the Texas States fan. The chant is a great way to amp up the Bobcat players and fans, while simultaneously striking fear into the opponents.

7. The Loud Crowd

The loudest subsection of the student body is known as the Loud Crowd. The Loud Crowd have the inside scoop on what is going on in the program and lead the student section on game days. If you are looking to get into the Bobcat game day spirit, the Loud Crowd is the group for you.

8. Bobcat Courtyard

The courtyard located directly outside of the stadium features fan entertainment on game days. The shaded area is a great place to hang out before the game, so make sure to check it out during your visit to San Marcos.

9. The I-35 Rivalry

Recently, The Texas State Bobcats and University of Texas San Antonio Road Runners have taken their longstanding rivalry from the hardcourt to the gridiron. After UTSA had begun playing football less than five years ago, the two schools decided it was time to settle things with a big time college football trophy game. The two teams compete for the Interstate 35 trophy, which is made to look like an I-35 road sign. The two schools are linked by I-35, which has sparked a lot of competition between the two institutions as both schools want to lay claim to the region.

10. Bobcat Alley

The central tailgating area at Texas State is Bobcat Alley, which is open to all student organizations, alumni, and RVs. If you’re looking to tailgate with the biggest Bobcats fans around then set up shop in Bobcat Alley.

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