1. Guns Up

The most popular way for Texas Tech fans to greet one another is through the guns up hand signal. The sign is made by extending your index finger outward and your thumb upward as if to make a gun and to raise it in the air. Put your guns up when meeting fellow Red Raiders fans to show off your Texas Tech pride.

2. Throwing Tortillas

While it’s more commonly seen at football games, you’ll occasionally see Texas Tech fans throw tortillas at basketball games. Look out for the flying tortillas when attending a Red Raiders game as you wouldn’t want to miss this fun tradition.

3. Victory Tower

The 96 ft tall Victory Tower is located at the southeast entrance of United Supermarkets Arena and is something you can’t miss when attending a Red Raiders basketball game. The tower is the 16th tallest structure in Lubbock and is a key component of the arena’s Spanish Renaissance-inspired architecture.

4. Raider Red

At Texas Tech games you can find Raider Red entertaining the crowd and leading cheers. Raider Red has won many accolades over the years and was the winner of the 2012 Capital One Mascot Challenge, so don’t miss him when attending a Red Raiders game.

5. Banners

You’ll find several banners hanging from the rafters of United Supermarkets Arena. The banners celebrate players Polk Robinson and Gerald Meyers as well as coach Bob Knight’s 900th career win, so take them all in when attending a Red Raiders game.

6. Trophy Case

The trophy case on the concourse is filled with Texas Tech memorabilia from the past. Check out the display to see a variety of neat memorabilia as well as to remember your favorite Red Raiders moments from the past.

7. Masked Rider

The Masked Rider may be without his trusty steed at basketball games, but the official mascot of Texas Tech is still a big part of a Red Raiders basketball game. Look for the Masked Raider and make sure to get a picture with the beloved mascot.

8. Goin’ Band from Raiderland

The Red Raiders have an incredible marching band that won the 1999 Sudler Award, so you better believe that the pep band at Red Raiders games is also great. Enjoy the musical stylings of the band during your trip to Lubbock.

9. Saddle Tramps

The Saddle Tramps all-male spirit group can be seen at all Texas Tech men’s sporting event and are a big part of the atmosphere. These guys cheer on the team hard no matter what the score, so keep an eye out for them at the game.


10. Spirit Program

The Texas Tech Spirit Program is made up of a co-ed cheer team, an all-girl cheer team, and a pom squad. These three groups all do an excellent job of riling up the crowd and working everyone into a frenzy, so get loud when you see any of these groups.

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