1. The Masked Rider

The Masked Rider is the official mascot of Texas Tech and leads the team onto the field at the beginning of each home game. The Rider is decked out in all black, the only exception being a red cape. The tradition that has carried on for the past forty years and is a must see part of any Red Raiders game.

2. Wrapping Will Rogers and Soapsuds

Sitting at the main entrance of the Texas Tech campus is a statue of Will Rogers and his favorite horse Soapsuds “riding into the sunset.” Members of the all-male spirit organization entitled the Saddle Tramps to wrap the statue with red and black crepe paper before every home football game so be sure to stop by on a Saturday game day and get your picture with the statue as many Texas Tech fans do.

3. Guns Up

The most popular way for Texas Tech fans to greet one another is through the guns up hand signal. The sign is made by extending your index finger outward and your thumb upward as if to make a gun and raising it in the air. Put your guns up when meeting fellow Red Raiders fans to show off your Texas Tech pride.

4. The Lettermen’s Lounge

Located on the north end of Jones AT&T Stadium is the Lettermen’s Lounge, which houses memorabilia of Texas Tech’s most prominent athletes, making it a great place to stop by when visiting the stadium. Drop by the Lettermen’s Lounge to take in the great history of Texas Tech athletics.  

5. Raider Walk

The Raider Walk tradition started during the 2010 season and gives fans the opportunity to greet the Red Raiders two hours and fifteen minutes before kickoff. The team and coaching staff are dropped off at the intersection of Canton Avenue and Drive of Champions before making their way to the stadium. Get to campus early to take in this great tradition.

6. Raider Alley

If you’re interested in some family, friendly tailgating than Raider Alley is where you’ll want to be. It’s located on the southwest side of the Frazier Alumni Pavillion and offers food and live music for three hours before kickoff. Stop by Raider Alley to grab a quick drink or bite to eat.

7. Chancellor's Spurs

The winner of the annual Texas Tech – Texas game receives the Chancellor’s Spurs. The rivalry between these schools dates back to 1928 when the Longhorns shut out the Tech 12-0. One of the Raiders most famous victories came against Texas in 2008 when the #7 Red Raiders knocked off the #1 Longhorns 39-33. If you want to come to one of the best games of the year, then make sure to get tickets to a game against Texas.

8. Bangin' Bertha

Bangin’ Bertha is a large bell on a trailer that is carried to every home football game by the Saddle Tramp spirit organization. The ringing of Bangin’ Berth is one of the bigger traditions at Texas Tech as well as an excellent way to inspire the team and rile up the crowd. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Bangin’ Bertha when attending a Red Raiders game.

9. Goin’ Band from Raiderland

The Texas Tech band is as old as the university itself and has been performing at Red Raiders game since the program’s inception in 1925. The Texas Tech band also owns the distinction of being the first band ever to attend an away game when they did so in 1926. The band puts on an outstanding show, so make sure to keep your eyes on the field when the team comes off and the band goes on.

10. Raidergate

The student tailgate area at Texas Tech is very spirited and fired up on game day. The tailgate is held in the R1 parking lot on 15th, and Detroit and fans have said this tailgate gets better each season. If you’re a visiting student looking to tailgate then, you’ll have a great time at Raidergate.

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