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The Citadel Bulldogs have won the last two Southern Conference titles meaning you’ll be in for a treat when taking in a game at Johnson Hagood Stadium. The Bulldogs recent success means not only will you get to see one of the best teams in the conference play you’ll also experience an energetic crowd. Fans from all over Charleston have been coming out to support the team during their current run of success creating a fun in-game atmosphere any college football fan will enjoy.

The team and fans aren’t the only things that make attending a Bulldogs game a memorable experience. The Citadel is also home to some great traditions. The firing of the cannon after every Bulldogs score is sure to get you out of your seat, and the cadet march before the game is a fun way to kick off the game. You also won’t want to miss The Regimental Band and Pipes or any of the three Bulldogs mascots during your visit to the Citadel.

Finally, The Citadel provides plenty of entertainment for the families in attendance. The Spike’s Kidet Club Kids Zone is the perfect place to take restless kids, and the young ones will enjoy the opportunity to pick up a souvenir at one of the stands as well.

The Citadel provides a fantastic fan experience full of excellent football and even better traditions making a trip to Charleston a must for any FCS football fan.

Things to check out

Spike’s Kidet Club Kids Zone

The Kids Zone is located in the southeast corner and is the perfect place to take the kids before or during the game. It opens 90 minutes before kickoff giving you plenty of time to let the young ones work out their excess energy before the game.


Following every Bulldogs score a Civil War replica cannon is fired. The cannon is a fun way to celebrate when the Bulldogs score and works everyone into a frenzy making it one of the most exciting parts of any game.

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Souvenir Stands

Stop by one of the two souvenir stands inside Johnson Hagood Stadium to pick up a keepsake from your trip to The Citadel. The stand feature a variety of Bulldogs gear including t-shirts, caps, and much more.

Cadet March On

No trip to The Citadel is complete without seeing the Cadet March On. The march takes place 20 minutes before kickoff and is one of the biggest and best traditions found at The Citadel. Be in your seat early, so you don’t miss seeing the cadets enter the field.

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The Regimental Band and Pipes

Enjoy The Regimental Band and Pipes during your trip to The Citadel. The band puts on a fantastic show at Bulldogs football games, so arrive at your seat early and catch their pregame performance.

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Spike and the Live Mascots

The Citadel has not one but three mascots you can see on game days. The costumed mascot named Spike is loved by children especially and gets into shenanigans throughout the game, while the two live mascots General II and Boo X are a big part of game days as well.

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Show your support for The Citadel and join the cheerleaders as they cheer on the team. The cheerleaders lead a variety of cheers throughout the game, so join in and give the Bulldogs as much of a home field advantage as possible.

Fight Songs

  1. Go Dogs

    Go Dogs, Go down the Field,
    Let’s win this game!
    Fight’em and Bite’em,
    The Corps sings your fame!
    Rah Rah Rah!
    Fight on and never yield,
    It’s plain to see
    That the Corps will take the Dogs
    To Vic to ry!


  2. All Hail the Bulldogs

    All Hail to the Bulldogs,
    March to victory
    Long live The Citadel, so proud are we.
    And yield, we will never.
    We’re Blue/White forever.
    We will fight, we will win, we will conquer in the end,
    A Bulldog triumph today.

  3. The Citadel Ramble

    The Citadel has a bulldog
    With short and grizzly hair.
    Carolina has a gamecock–
    Now wouldn’t they make a pair?
    And when they get together
    There’s bound to be a scrap.
    Just watch that Citadel Bulldog
    Wipe that gamecock off the map!


    Oh! they rambled, they rambled.
    They rambled all around.
    In and out of town,
    Oh! they rambled, they rambled.
    They rambled ’till the Bulldogs cut `em down.

  4. The Fighting Light Brigade

    We’re here cheering loudly, as the Brigadiers parade.
    Bucks, we claim you proudly as THE FIGHTING LIGHT BRIGADE!
    March on, ye valiant warriors; your courage shall not fade;
    As we yell, we yell like hell for you, THE FIGHTING LIGHT BRIGADE!

  5. The Citadel Forever

    While now we pass in review, marching along,
    We praise thee, O Citadel, in our lusty song,
    As bearing the colors proud, we pledge anew,
    To thee, our Alma Mater dear,
    Allegiance proud and true.

    With brave, loyal hearts aflame, we march away,
    To train for the victories that we must win some day;
    When passing in life’s review, Mem’ries of thee,
    O Citadel, shall our inspiration be.

  6. The Citadel Alma Mater

    Oh Citadel, we sing thy fame
    For all the world to hear.
    And in the Paths our fathers showed us
    Follow without fear.
    Peace and Honor, God and Country,
    We will fight for thee.
    Oh Citadel, we praise thee now
    And in Eternity.

    Oh Citadel, though strife surrounds us,
    We will ever be
    Full conscious of the benefits
    That we derive from thee.
    Stand forever, yielding never
    To the tyrant’s Hell
    We’ll never cease our struggles for
    Our mighty Citadel.

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