Tailgating and college football are huge in the south so it should come as no surprise that you’ll find a fun tailgating atmosphere at The Citadel. On game days, you’ll see a sea of blue and white tents outside Johnson Hagood Stadium. Fans from all over the Charleston area come out to root on the Bulldogs and tailgate before the game making a trip to Johnson Hagood Stadium a fun time for college footballs and tailgate aficionados.

The tailgating atmosphere at The Citadel is rather relaxed compared to other larger South Carolina schools. You’ll mainly see people having a few beers, joking around, and playing tailgating games. While you may not find the raucous atmosphere that you’ll see at SEC schools, the fans here are jovial and more than happy to talk ball and share stories.

One of the best traditions surrounding a Bulldogs football game is the Military Dress Parade. The parade typically takes place on Friday, but if you’re attending the homecoming game you’ll be in luck as the parade is held at 11:00 am on Saturday.

The Citadel is a fun tailgating destination, so don’t hesitate to come out and tailgate before a Bulldogs football game.


Dress Parade

When attending a game at The Citadel, arrive by Friday night to enjoy the Military Dress Parade. The parade typically takes place on Friday afternoon and is one of the biggest traditions at The Citadel making it a must-see.

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