1. Cannon

Following every Bulldogs score, a Civil War replica cannon is fired. The cannon is a fun way to celebrate when the Bulldogs score and works everyone into a frenzy making it one of the most exciting parts of any game.

2. Spike’s Kidet Club Kids Zone

The Kids Zone is located in the southeast corner and is the perfect place to take the kids before or during the game. It opens 90 minutes before kickoff giving you plenty of time to let the young ones work out their excess energy before the game.

3. Cadet March On

No trip to The Citadel is complete without seeing the Cadet March On. The march takes place 20 minutes before kickoff and is one of the biggest and best traditions found at The Citadel. Be in your seat early, so you don’t miss seeing the cadets enter the field.

4. Military Classic of the South

The Military Classic of the South takes place each year between The Citadel and VMI. The two schools first met in 1920 making it the 13th oldest rivalry in the FCS. Extra bragging rights were added to the rivalry in 1976 when the winner started taking home the Silver Shako. You won’t want to miss The Citadel try to extend their 40-30-2 record against VMI, so make sure to be in attendance for the Military Classic of the South.

5. The Regimental Band and Pipes

Enjoy The Regimental Band and Pipes during your trip to The Citadel. The band puts on a fantastic show at Bulldogs football games, so arrive at your seat early and catch their pregame performance.

6. Dress Parade

When attending a game at The Citadel, arrive by Friday night to enjoy the Military Dress Parade. The parade typically takes place on Friday afternoon and is one of the biggest traditions at The Citadel making it a must-see.

7. Spike and the Live Mascots

The Citadel has not one but three mascots you can see on game days. The costumed mascot named Spike is loved by children especially and gets into shenanigans throughout the game, while the two live mascots General II and Boo X are a big part of game days as well.

8. The Citadel-Furman Rivalry

The rivalry between The Citadel and Furman goes back to 1913 and has been contested every year since 1919, with the exception of 1943 through 1945. The Paladins are one of if not the biggest rival of The Citadel meaning you want to miss it when Furman comes to town.

9. Cheerleaders

Show your support for The Citadel and join the cheerleaders as they cheer on the team. The cheerleaders lead a variety of cheers throughout the game, so join in and give the Bulldogs as much of a home field advantage as possible.

10. Souvenir Stands

Stop by one of the two souvenir stands inside Johnson Hagood Stadium to pick up a keepsake from your trip to The Citadel. The stand feature a variety of Bulldogs gear including t-shirts, caps, and much more.

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