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Arizona Stadium has undergone several renovations recently with the most notable taking place in the North End Zone. The new renovation stands out amongst the rest of the stadium making it the premier spot to sit if you’re looking for luxury accommodations. The North End Zone also offers you a great view of the new scoreboard so that you won’t miss any of the action.

Here in Arizona, you’ll not only get an excellent view of the action on the field, but you’ll also be able to catch a great view of the Tucson landscape and skyline. Seats in the upper deck and the luxury suites, in particular, offer an incredible view as you can see clearly over the stadium.

Recent renovations may have made Arizona Stadium more luxurious than in the past, but that doesn’t mean the passion has been taken out of the place. The Zona Zoo remains one of the most raucous student sections in college football, and you’ll spend the majority of the game standing and cheering your lungs out. The loud fans and nice new amenities at Arizona Stadium make attending a Wildcats football game an experience you’ll remember forever.

Things to check out

North End Zone Renovation

The newly added north end zone includes new seats, great food, state-of-the-art amenities, and a view of the massive scoreboard in the south end zone. If you’re looking to experience an Arizona football game in style, then the North End Zone is the spot for you.

Wildcat Haka

before every game the Wildcats perform a Haka dance, which pumps up both the players and fans. Keep your eyes peeled for this dance as typically the team performs their dance in front of the student section.

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Bear Down

It’s included in the field design, the fight song, and many posters and t-shirts, but the traditional slogan has a deeper historical meaning. Student body president and quarterback John “Button” Salmon was in a severe auto accident in 1926. On his deathbed, he told coach Pop McKale, “Tell them… tell the team to bear down.” The slogan continues today as a great way to meet and connect with fellow Wildcat fans.

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One-Handed Pump

Like many other mascots throughout college football Arizona’s Wilbur Wildcat performs pushups after every Wildcat’s score. However, unlike other mascots Wilbur does his pushes one handed. Cheer Wilbur on as he performs his impressive one-handed pushups.

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Fourth Quarter Salute

At the beginning of the fourth quarter Wildcat fans hold up four fingers to signify that it is the start of the fourth quarter. Hold up your fingers to help give the Wildcats the extra boost needed to finish out the game with a victory.

Fight Songs

  1. Bear Down, Arizona

    Arizona, bear down!

    Let’s cheer for Arizona,

    Let’s raise our voices high!

    Let’s cheer for Arizona,

    That bear down battle cry!

    Let’s cheer our team to victory!

    Let’s cheer our team to fame!

    Let’s cheer for Arizona,

    For spirit wins the game!



    Bear down, Arizona!

    Bear down, red and blue!

    Bear down, Arizona!

    Hit ’em hard let ’em know who’s who!

    Bear down, Arizona!

    Bear down, red and blue!

    Go, go, Wildcats go!

    Arizona, bear down

  2. All Hail, Arizona

    Arizona’s alma mater played after games

    All hail, Arizona!  

    Thy colors Red and Blue

    Stand as a symbol

    of our love for you.  

    All hail, Arizona!  

    To thee we’ll be true

    We’ll watch o’er and keep you,  

    All hail! All hail!

  3. Fight Wildcats, Fight!




    Go A-R-I-Z-O-N-A!

    W-I-L-D Cats! (Say what?)

    W-I-L-D Wildcats! (That’s right!)

    W-I-L-D Cats!

    Go wild about those Cats!

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