1. Bear Down

It’s included in the field design, the fight song, and many posters and t-shirts, but the traditional slogan has a deeper historical meaning. Student body president and quarterback John “Button” Salmon was in a severe auto accident in 1926. On his deathbed, he told coach Pop McKale, “Tell them… tell the team to bear down.” The slogan continues today as a great way to meet and connect with fellow Wildcat fans.

2. Wildcat Walk

The team, coaches, and staff are dropped off at University and Cherry to walk through the tailgating action at The Mall to greet fans. This occurs two hours before the game as the team makes their way to Arizona Stadium. Don’t miss out on this great tradition as it is an excellent opportunity to see the players face to face.

3. Tailgating at "The Mall"

Tailgating at The Mall, a grassy area along 3rd Street in the middle of campus includes individual tailgaters as well as the official sponsored tailgate. Make sure to buy a parking pass though as you need one to tailgate at this prime location.

4. Bear Down Fridays

University Boulevard hosts Bear Down Fridays, which is a pep rally that takes up the entire area the night before a home game. The band, cheerleaders, and even some of the coaches from Wildcat athletics are present for the celebration. Why wait until Saturday to get in on the game day festivities when you could join in on this great tradition.

5. Post-Game Concert

Following the game, the band marches to the administration building where they put on a post-game concert for all the fans. At the end of the concert the student union clock tower, bell is rung and everyone in the band yells, “Bear Down!” Follow the band to the administration building after the game so that you can take part in this wonderful tradition.

6. Wildcat Haka

Before every game, the Wildcats perform a  Haka dance, which pumps up both the players and fans. Keep your eyes peeled for this dance as typically the team performs their dance in front of the student section.


7. Territorial Cup

The Territorial Cup is awarded annually to the winner of the Arizona-Arizona State game. These two instate rivals have been fighting for the Territorial Cup since 1899 making it the oldest rivalry trophy in the NCAA. The two teams began playing annually in 1925 and over the decades the Wildcats have amassed a 48-39-1 lead over the Sun Devils.

8.Sentinel Peak

Sentinel Peak got the nickname “A” Mountain because of the large, painted rock in the shape of an A. The “A” was whitewashed onto the mountain in 1916 and has remained there over the years. Arizona State also has a similar “A,” which has led to both schools trying to change their opponent’s “A” to their colors.

9. One-Handed Pushups

Like many other mascots throughout college football, Arizona’s  performs pushups after every Wildcat’s score. However, unlike other mascots Wilbur does his pushes one handed. Cheer Wilbur on as he performs his impressive one-handed pushups.

10. Fourth Quarter Salute

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, Wildcat fans hold up four fingers to signify that it is the start of the fourth quarter. Hold up your fingers to help give the Wildcats the extra boost needed to finish out the game with a victory.

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