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Savage Arena underwent a massive $30 million renovation before the 2008 season transforming it into one of the premier facilities in the MAC. The renovation has gone a long way toward making Savage Arena home to one of the best game day experiences in the conference. The newly renovated arena is home to an athletics hall of fame, a large team store, and even a real rocket making a trip to Toledo a great time for any hoops fan.

It’s not just the recent renovation that makes attending a Rockets game an excellent experience, the fans and in-game entertainment are also topnotch as well. Rockets fans are among the most dedicated in the conference and all throughout the game you’ll hear the fans cheering on their team no matter what the score. The pep band and Rockettes dance team are also superb as well. The dance team is one of the oldest in the country, and as a result, you’ll witness an excellent show from them anytime you step foot inside Savage Arena.

Finally, you’ll find plenty of places to grab a drink or bite to eat near campus. Jed’s is one of the best spots for wings in the Toledo area, and Arnie’s Saloon offers a bunch of beers on tap as well as lots of big screen TVs so you can keep tabs on all the action going on all around the conference.

Book your trip to Toledo today for your chance to experience one of the best college basketball road trips the MAC has to offer.

Things to check out

Varsity T Hall of Fame

Make sure to check out the Varsity T Hall of Fame before tipoff. The Hall of Fame celebrates all of the best athletes in Rockets history and is a must-see for anyone attending a game at Savage Arena.

Rocky’s Locker

If you’re looking to pick up a souvenir from your trip to Toledo, then look no further than Rocky’s Locker. At Rocky’s Locker, you’ll find just about any Rockets merchandise you could ever want so you won’t have to worry about going home empty-handed


Outside of Savage Arena is a blue and yellow rocket. The rocket is a can’t miss part of attending a Toledo basketball game and presents an excellent photo op, so stop by and snap a pic.


Take a minute to remember all of your favorite Rockets moments. The banners hanging above the court honor the best teams and players in both Rockets men’s and women’s basketball history, so take them all in during your visit.

Joe Grogan Room

The Joe Grogan Room lounge is accessible to anyone with a club, loge, or suite ticket. If you’re lucky enough to score a premium ticket, then take some time to enjoy this exclusive club during the game.

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Rocky the Rocket

Rocky the Rocket has been the official Toledo Rockets mascots since 1966 and can be seen at almost every Rockets athletics event. Rocky performs a variety of antics that entertain and energize the crowd throughout the game so be on the lookout for Rocky, as you’ll never know what he’ll do next.

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Blue Crew

The Blue Crew is comprised of the most diehard Rockets fans around. This group of dedicated Rockets followers attends both home and away football games dressed in blue and gold wigs, gold masks, and painters overalls. If you think you’re truly a diehard Rockets fan, then join the Blue Crew on game day.

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Rocket Pep Band

During games, the band adds a lot to the atmosphere through their performances. Their in-game compositions pump up the crowd at exactly the right time, so sing along with the band and give the Rockets as much of a home court advantage as possible.

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Toledo is home to the first officially recognized collegiate dance team in the country, so don’t miss them during your trip to Savage Arena. The Rockettes have been a staple of Toledo athletic events for over 50 years, so enjoy their performance when attending a Rockets basketball game.

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Fight Songs

  1. U of Toledo

    The official Toledo fight song

    U. of Toledo, we’ll fight for you
    (Fight! Fight! Fight!)
    U. of Toledo, we love your gold and blue.
    (Let’s Go Blue!)
    Teams of the Varsity, the enemy must yield
    We’ll fight like our ancestors
    And march on down the field.

  2. Fair Toledo

    The Toledo alma mater

    In tower shadows voices now raising,
    To alma mater Golden and Blue,
    Fair Toledo praise to thee,
    Portal of learning ever be,
    Hallowed halls we shall revere,
    Vow to keep thy memory dear.

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