pring training in Dunedin is an excellent time for Canadians to break out of the winter doldrums and enjoy some beautiful Florida weather. All around the ballpark, you’ll see fans dressed in blue out and about celebrating the start of another season of Blue Jays baseball. Blue Jays fans love their team and love the warm Florida winters, creating an exciting buzz at spring training.

In addition to the excitement surrounding spring training, fans will also enjoy the opportunity to see their favorite Blue Jays warm up before the season. The Blue Jays practices take place at the Cecil P. Engelbert Recreation Complex before Grapefruit League before play starts. However, once things kickoff you can find your favorite Jays stars at the Dunedin Stadium. Whether you get to spring training early and see the team practicing at Cecil P. Engelbert Recreation Complex or catch a Blue Jays spring training game, you’ll have a lot of fun during your trip to Dunedin.

Start planning your trip to Dunedin to get the inside track on all things Blue Jays for the upcoming season.


Blue Jays Practices

The Cecil P. Engelbert Recreation Complex is the home of the Blue Jays practices before Grapefruit League play starts and is located three and a half miles from Dunedin Stadium at 1700 Solon Ave. The complex features five fields and practices typically start around 10 am. Once games begin, you can catch the Blue Jays major leaguers practicing at Dunedin Stadium before the game.

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