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The SkyDome in Toronto a ballpark like no other thanks to its retractable roof, hotel, and views you won’t find anywhere else. The first thing you’ll notice at the stadium is the roof, it was the first retractable roof stadium in all of baseball and can open and close in about 20 minutes which will save you from the scourge of all baseball fans, the rain delay. It also comes in handy during colder Toronto nights as well.  

Are you looking for a more private way to enjoy the game with your friends but don’t feel like dishing out the money for a skybox?  Well, the Rogers Center has the perfect solutions for that, watch the game from your hotel room.  Yes, you can watch the game from the hotel rooms located in the outfield above the fan deck at the Renaissance Hotel which is built into the stadium.  The room will run you about $400, but this gives you the freedom to do whatever else you want during the game and is the only park in baseball where you can do this.

You may notice when you enter the stadium that the views are pretty vertical, and they are.  The Rogers Center doubles as a football stadium for select NFL games and is home to the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL as well, and the stadium is built higher with 5 decks in the main park of the stadium.  Because of this, just about every seat will give you an equal view of the field, and there is no nosebleed seat effect like at other stadiums where the players look like ants.  

Things to check out

Three Story Video Board

The video board in center field was one of the first of its size and is something you can’t miss when attending a game at the SkyDome. You won’t miss a replay when attending a Blue Jays game thanks to the massive size of the SkyDome’s video board.

Championship and Retired Number Banners

Banners celebrating the greatest teams and players in Blue Jays history surround the stadium's massive video board. The banners honor the Jays many division winning teams as well as the 1992 and 1993 World Series winners, so check out these banners during your trip to Toronto.

Jays Level of Excellence

The Jays Level of Excellence on the fourth deck fascia honors the best players in Blue Jays history. Take a look at the Jays Level of Excellence to remember your favorite Jays from the past including Roberto Alomar, Dave Stieb, and Joe Carter among others.

Center Field Hotel

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a baseball game from your hotel room, then the SkyDome is the place for you. The hotel in center field offers rooms with views of the ballpark and unique way to watch the game.

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Outfield Patio Area

Enjoy the game from this unique open-air standing area that sits right above center field. What used to be a classy restaurant is now a place where fans can get together to watch and cheer on their Blue Jays in a way like never before. All Blue Jay fans should try to make it out to this patio area at least once during their visit to the SkyDome.

Ace and Junior

Ace is the official mascots of the Toronto Blue Jays and on “Junior Jays Saturdays” is accompanied by Junior. The mascots are a big part of the in-game entertainment and can be seen all around the park, so keep an eye out for Ace and Junior during your trip to Toronto.

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Be on alert for the J-Crew when attending a Blue Jays game. The J-Crew runs a variety of promotions at the game, so don’t miss if you want to win some cool prizes.

Fight Songs

  1. Ok Blue Jays

    You’ve got a diamond,
    You’ve got 9 men,
    You’ve got a hat, and a bat, and that’s not all.
    You got the bleachers, got ’em from spring ’til fall.
    You got a dog, and a drink, and an umpire’s call.
    What do you want?
    Let’s play ball.

    Is that a fly ball, or is it a seagull?
    Coming in, from the lake, just to catch the game.
    It’s the last inning, our guys are winning.
    Jays throw down a smoker, a strike and you got no doubt. (You’re out)
    What do you want?
    Let’s play ball.

    Ok (Ok) Blue Jays (Blue Jays)
    Let’s (Let’s) Play (Play) Ball (Ball).

    It’s a beautiful evening, fans.
    At the ballpark, when the game starts.
    Warm summer breezes, sun’s going down.
    It’s all dark at the ballpark.
    That’s ok, it’s a nightgame.

    [Chorus:] x2

    Bring on the White Sox,
    Bring on the Bosox,
    Bring on the Angels, the Rangers, and the Yankees too.
    We’ll beat the Indians,
    We’ll beat the Tigers,
    We’ll beat the A’s so bad it’ll make, Billy Blue.
    What do you want?
    Let’s play ball.

  2. Lets Go Blue Jays!

    Lets Go Blue Jays!

    Lets Go Blue Jays!

    Lets Go Blue Jays!

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