1. Wall of Honour

Toronto FC recently unveiled a Wall of Honour celebrating the club’s ten years of existence. The wall honors all of the best players in club history including Giovinco, De Rosario, Dichio, and much more. Stop by the Wall of Honour and remember all of your favorite Reds of the past.

2. Southend Supporters

In the Southend, you can find the most diehard Toronto FC supporters at any match. Several supporter groups make their home in the south end including the Red Patch Boys, Inebriatti, U-Sector, Original 109, Kings in the North, and Tribal Rhythm Nation, so join one of the groups if you want to support TFC to the fullest.

3. Bitchy the Hawk

Not only is Bitchy part of the opening ceremony, but she also holds the important job of warding off seagulls at BMO Field. Keep an eye open for Bitchy as she’s one of the can’t miss aspects of any Toronto FC home game.

4. 401 Derby

The 401 Derby between the Montreal Impact and Toronto FC is one of the most intense rivalries in Major League Soccer. The derby is named after Ontario Highway 401, which connects the two cities. The rivalry mirrors the one between the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maples and like that one both the distance between the two cities and their cultural differences fuel the flames. If you can only attend one Toronto FC match, then make it be a 401 Derby match between Toronto FC and the Montreal Impact.

5. Shoeless Joe's

Located in the nearby Liberty Village neighborhood, Shoeless Joe’s is a favorite spot to grab a drink before the match as well as the pre-match home of Red Patch Boys. If you want to hang out with some die hard Toronto FC fans, then there is no better place to do so than Shoeless Joe’s.

6. Supporters March

Join your fellow Toronto FC fans as they make their way from Liberty Village to BMO Field approximately an hour before the match. Come prepared to get loud and join in the chants as you parade through the streets.

7. The Football Factory

The Football Factory may be a bit further from BMO Field than Shoeless Joe’s or Brazen Head, but you won’t find a better Soccer bar in Toronto. The Football Factory hosts watch parties for Toronto FC away matches and is an excellent place to meet up with fellow Toronto FC supporters.

8. Trillium Cup

Named after the official wildflower of Ohio and the official flower of Ontario, the Columbus Crew, and Toronto FC competes each year for the Trillium Cup. The cup is awarded to the team with the most points at the end of the season and since its inception in 2008 has been won by Toronto FC three times. There is always a lot on the line when the Crew and Toronto FC square off, so make sure to be in attendance when the Columbus Crew comes to town.

9. Brazen Head Irish Pub

A great place to pregame before a summer match, Brazen Head Irish Pub offers two patios levels and is only about a ten-minute walk from BMO Field.

10. View of Downtown

BMO Field offers an incredible view of downtown Toronto from the west side. You’ll be able to get a clear view of the CN Tower and all of downtown if you have seats on the west side, so keep that in mind when planning your trip to BMO Field.

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