Maple Leafs Overview

Fast facts

League: Eastern Conference Atlantic Division

Head Coach: Sheldon Keefe

Team Mascot: Carlton the Bear

Year Opened: 1999

Capacity: 19800

City / State: Toronto / Ontario

Rivalries & Top Games to Attend

Maple Leafs vs Canadiens

Rival Team: Montreal Canadiens

The rivalry between the Maple Leafs and Canadiens extends beyond the ice and is a reflection of the rivalry between Toronto and Montreal. The two teams are the most decorated in the NHL having won 13 and 24 Stanley Cups respectively. They have also met in the Stanley Cup Finals five times over the years with their most recent clash taking place in 1967. There is always a lot at stake when these two get together, so make sure to be in attendance for the hotly contested Maple Leafs-Canadiens games.

Battle of Ontario

Rival Team: Ottawa Senators

The Battle of Ontario between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators has all the makings of a great rivalry. The two teams have been in the same division since the Senators entered the league in 1992 and have met in the playoffs several times. The Leafs may have won all four playoff series, but the Sens hold an edge the all-time series of this in this tightly contested series. There are always plenty of fans from both sides in the arena for these contests, so be in attendance for Leafs-Sens games if you want to see one of the best matchups of the season.

Maple Leafs vs Sabres

Rival Team: Buffalo Sabres

The close proximity of Toronto and Buffalo make a Leafs-Sabres game a must see event. Fans of both teams fill the arena creating a great atmosphere. Flames were added to the rivalry recently when the Leafs beat out the Sabres in signing head coach Mike Babcock further intensifying things.

Maple Leafs vs Red Wings

Rival Team: Detroit Red Wings

The Maple Leafs and Red Wings are once again in the same division thanks to realignment making a Wings-Leafs game a can’t miss proposition. These two Original Six teams have met in the playoffs more times than anyone else except for the Bruins and Canadiens, so there is always bad blood when they get together. Most recently, the rivalry between these two was heightened once again when former Red Wings coach Mike Babcock signed with the Leafs. No matter where these two teams are in the standings a Maple Leafs-Red Wings games is always must see entertainment.

Maple Leafs Stadium Guide

In Game

Your hockey trip to Toronto will begin before even entering the Scotiabank Arena. Every hockey fan must visit the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto when going to a Leafs game. The Hall of Fame is located only five minutes away from the Scotiabank Arena and features numerous exhibits and displays dedicated to your favorite players from the past.

After spending a day at the Hockey Hall of Fame stop by Maple Leaf Square to hang out with some of the most diehard Leafs fans out there. There is a lot to do at Maple Leaf Square, and you’ll encounter a festive atmosphere all around Toronto on game day creating one of the more memorable NHL game days. Also, don’t forget to check out Legends Row before the game and snap a picture with your favorite Maple Leafs legends.

Inside the Scotiabank Arena, you’ll be treated to an impressive in-game experience that rivals pretty much any NHL venue. The Leafs Nation Pregame Show is live on the main concourse, so stop by and hear some pregame analysis, which is especially useful if you’re a visiting fan of a western conference team and aren’t all that familiar with the Leafs. The Leafs also have an impressive pregame projection show that will rev you up and get you ready to cheer on the Leafs.

Once the action begins, you’ll be part of a sell-out crowd full of fans who get incredibly loud when the Leafs score. Toronto crowds have a reputation for being a bit corporate, but they still show a ton of support for their team especially when something goes their way.

A trip to the Scotiabank Arena is one of the best road trips in the NHL, so book your trip today and enjoy one of the most enjoyable NHL game day experiences out there.

Things to check out

Hockey Hall of Fame

No hockey fan’s trip to Toronto is complete without visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is only a five-minute walk from the Scotiabank Arena, so spend a day at the Hall of Fame before attending a Leafs game.

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Maple Leaf Square

Maple Leaf Square is located on the western side of the Scotiabank Arena and is the best place to see a big Toronto playoff game, besides inside the arena itself. If you can’t get a ticket to the game or just want to hang out with some diehard Leafs fans before the game, then stop by Maple Leaf Square.

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Legends Row

Stop by Legends Row and snap a picture with your favorite Maple Leafs from the past. Here you’ll find statues of the greatest Maple Leafs including Tim Horton and Turk Broda, so make sure to take these in before the game.

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Fan Zone

The Fan Zone opens two hours before games and features a variety of interactive basketball and hockey related activities. At the fan zone you can shoot some hoops or pucks, so make sure to stop by before the game.

Stanley Cup and Retired Number Banners

You may forget since it’s been so long, but the Toronto Maple Leafs have won 13 Stanley Cups. Take a minute to honor these teams and the Leafs greatest players by checking out the team’s Stanley Cup and retired number banners.

Real Sports Apparel

You’ll find any Toronto team gear you could want at this 3,000 sq ft sports apparel palace. If you’re looking to pick up a souvenir of your trip to Toronto, then there is no better place to do so then Real Sports Apparel.


This public walkway is home to the arena’s ticket office as well as many artifacts from the original Canada Post Delivery Building. If you’re a history buff as well as a basketball fan, then stop and check this out.

Real Sports Bar & Grill

Real Sports Bar & Grill is located on Maple Leaf Square and is the perfect place to grab a drink or bite to eat before the game. The three-story bar allows you to follow the action from all around the league, so make sure to check it out.

On Ice Projection

The Leafs get everyone’s attention with an impressive pregame who projected onto the ice. You won’t want to miss the pregame projection show so get to your seat early.

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The Maple Leafs tradition of losing dates back to 1967 when the team won their last Stanley Cup. The team has been losing ever since only to show a few glimmers of hopes such as their 1993 Campbell Conference Finals loss to the Los Angeles Kings or their 4-1 third period lead in game seven of the 2013 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. The Leafs are always finding new ways to disappoint their fans, so just wait for it happen.

Carlton the Bear

Carlton the Bear has been the official mascot of the Toronto Maple Leafs since 1995. He brings a smile to fans faces young and old, so don’t miss him during your visit to the Toronto.

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Leafs Nation Pregame Show

The Leafs Nation Pregame Show takes place on the main concourse before the game and is an excellent place to go if you want to get on TV or hear some pregame analysis. If you enter the ACC before the puck drops, make sure to see the Leafs Nation Pregame Show live.

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Fight Songs

  1. Free To Be (Go Leafs Go)

    From the Isle of Vancouver
    To the Labrador Sea
    One nation, glorious and free
    Where I’m free to be me.

    From the song of the Prairies
    To the call of the ponds
    Heroes of times come and gone

    Where the memories go on and on and on
    Oh! Oh! Oh! This is Canada’s song (Go Leafs Go)
    Oh! Oh! Oh! Where my heart belongs (Go Leafs Go)

    Oh! Oh! Oh! This is Canada’s team.

  2. The Maple Leaf Forever

    O, land of blue unending skies,
    Mountains strong and sparkling snow,
    A scent of freedom in the wind,
    O’er the emerald fields below.

    To thee we brought our hopes, our dreams,
    For thee we stand together,
    Our land of peace, where proudly flies,
    The Maple Leaf forever.

    Long may it wave, and grace our own,
    Blue skies and stormy weather,
    Within my heart, above my home,
    The Maple Leaf forever!

    (Ladies and gentlemen, last minute of play)

    Oh, Maple Leaf, around the world,
    You speak as you rise high above,
    Of courage, peace and quiet strength,
    Of the Canada I love.

    Remind us all our union bound,
    By ties we cannot sever,
    Bright flag revered on every ground,
    The Maple Leaf forever!

    Long may it wave, and grace our own,
    Blue skies and stormy weather,
    Within my heart, above my home,
    The Maple Leaf forever!
    Thanks to PHolz for submitting The Maple Leaf Forever Lyrics.

  3. The Enforcer

    Maple Leafs' goal song


    I’m not looking for a fight
    If you come at me tonight
    I’m gonna make you sorry.
    Don’t try my patience, son
    There’s a reason I’m the one,
    People stand aside for.

    Just play the game you know,
    And we won’t go toe-to-toe,
    Tomorrow you’ll feel better.
    You know this ain’t a road,
    For you to freely go,
    This is a dead end!

    And on it goes,
    Someone begs for a broken nose.

    Under the lights, my justice reigns.
    (Oh whoa-oh-oh-oh)
    Crossing my line, will put you in pain.
    (Oh whoa-oh-oh-oh)
    You’ll be praying to God, “When will it end?”
    (Oh whoa-oh-oh-oh)
    This is not a fight you can win here, my friend.
    (Oh whoa-oh-oh-oh)
    Ohhhh yeah!


    Do you really wanna see,
    If I’m the man I claim to be?
    This is a bad idea.
    Before you drop the gloves,
    Say “Bye” to those you love,
    And those teeth you remember.






    “I’ve had three beers! Huhuh!”

  4. Go Leafs Go!

    Go Leafs go!

    Go Leafs go!

    Go Leafs go!

Maple Leafs Bars & Restaurants

  1. The Fox

    Phase Dining Entertainment beer

    THE FOX is the perfect spot for a quick. delicious pre-game meal or stay to a watch with the amazing crowd.

    35 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5J 1J5, Canada


    Bar website

    sportsbar - $$

  2. Boxcar Social

    Boxcar Social Whiskey

    Offers a curated, rotating list of coffees from the best roasters in the world.

    1208 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T 1W1, Canada


    Bar website

    cafe - $

  3. Amsterdam BrewHouse

    Amsterdam BrewHouse Beer

    Where local craft beer meets local artisan food. 14 beers on tap, there’s something that suits every kind of taste!

    245 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 2K9, Canada


    Bar website

    sportsbar - $$

  4. Hoops Sports Bar & Grill

    Hoops Sports Bar Grill Beer

    Hoops Sports Bar and Grill is Toronto's premiere venue for all things in the wide world of sports.

    125 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON M5J 3A8, Canada


    Bar website

    american - sportsbar - $$

  5. Firkin on Harbour

    Firkin on Harbour Beer

    With twenty beers on tap, and a menu that aims to please a wide variety of palates, we offer a comfortable and inviting environment to grab a bite, a casual drink, or to watch the game.

    10 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5E 1R4, Canada


    Bar website

    sportsbar - $$

  6. Real Sports Bar & Grill

    Real Sports

    Experience the most thrilling match-ups played out in supersize at Real Sports Bar & Grill, where bigger the better is our mantra.

    15 York St a, Toronto, ON M5J 0A3, Canada


    Bar website

    sportsbar - $$

  7. The Miller Tavern


    The Miller Tavern offers serious seafood, superb steaks, and sophisticated spirits in a casual, comfortable, urban environment.

    31 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5J 2Z3, Canada


    Bar website

    steakhouse - $$

  8. The Loose Moose

    The Loose Moose Beer

    The Loose Moose is a lively bar in downtown Toronto favoured by locals and out-of-towners since 1989.

    146 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J 1G2, Canada


    Bar website

    sportsbar - $$

  9. Steam Whistle Brewing

    Steam Whistle Brewing Beer

    All natural, craft brewed, Canada's Premium Pilsner. Do one thing really, really well.

    255 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 3M9, Canada


    Bar website

    sportsbar - $

  10. Bar Hop

    Bar Hop Dinner

    The Bar Hop is a craft beer bar that offers 38 taps with rotating choices, one off-brews and seasonal selections.

    391 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K1, Canada


    Bar website

    american - $$

  11. Panago

    Panago Pizza

    Snack on some great delicious pizza that's surprisingly at the top level!

    120 Lynn Williams St, Toronto, ON M6K 3N6, Canada


    Bar website

    pizza - $$

  12. Pizza Pizza

    Imos Pizza Pizza

    Pizza Pizza is Canada's number one destination for Hot and Fresh pizza.

    678 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1G8, Canada


    Bar website

    italian - pizza - $$

  13. Taverna Mercatto

    Taverna Mercatto Lunch

    Not only will you be dazzled by the nice interior design of this restaurant but also by their food!

    120 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON M5J 0A1, Canada


    Bar website

    italian - $$

  14. iQ Food

    iQ Food

    We’re rethinking the way food is procured, sold and experienced. our process begins by creating a menu that shifts with the seasons.

    18 York St, Toronto, ON M5J, Canada


    Bar website

    cafe - $$

  15. E11even

    Eleven caesar salad

    e11even is a restaurant that embraces Toronto's energy in the heart of the sports & entertainment district. Modern, sophisticated and elegant at e11even you will enjoy an unsurpassed dining experience that will dazzle the senses.

    15 York St, Toronto, ON M5J 0A3, Canada


    Bar website

    steakhouse - $$$

  16. Pizza Rustica

    Pizza Rustica

    We go out of our way to provide you authentic Italian fresh dishes that keep you craving to come back for another bite at Pizza Rustica.

    270 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V 3P5, Canada


    Bar website

    italian - pizza - $$

  17. 360 Restaurant

    Three Sixty Restaurant Steak

    360, The Restaurant at the CN Tower, one of Toronto's finest, features unforgettable Canadian cuisine combined with an outstanding revolving view of Toronto more than 350 metres (1,150 ft) below.

    301 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2T6, Canada


    Bar website

    american - $$$$

  18. Bardi’s Steak House

    Bardis Steak House Steak

    This smart space at the intersection of Toronto’s entertainment and financial districts — just steps from the Rogers Centre.

    56 York St, Toronto, ON M5J 1S8, Canada


    Bar website

    steakhouse - $$$