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Troy albeit a small school draws a fantastic crowd, which has helped the program to build up a fairly large regional following. The Trojans draw a little above 20,000 fans on average, which is much better than many of their Sun Belt Conference foes who struggle to get 20,000 fans for even their biggest games. The dedicated Trojans fans have developed their tight-knit community, which in turn has made Troy a staple of the Alabama football landscape.

In addition to an intense crowd, you’ll also an intimate experience at a Troy football game. The design of Veterans Memorial Stadium puts on top of the action and no matter where you’re seated you’ll have a great view of everything going on on the field.

Finally, the Troy Sound of the South Band is a sight to behold. They provide great in-game entertainment all on their own, so be sure to join in on the singing of the Troy fight song “Trojans One and All.”

Things to check out

The Sound of the South Band

The band is a major component of the Troy game day experience, as not only do they put on a grand show before and after the game they also play a big role in creating Veteran Memorial Stadium’s outstanding atmosphere.

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Trojan Stadium Club

The stadium club can accommodate 1,000 guests and is home to the program’s sports medicine, academic, and media relations headquarters.

Trojan Warrior/ Princess

Prior to the game and after every score the Trojan Warrior or Princess would race down the field on his or her trusty steed “Big Red.” Unfortunately this tradition ended in 2012 when artificial turf was put in at Veterans Memorial Stadium. There have however been some rumblings that this tradition may be brought back in the near future.

Fight Songs

  1. Trojans, One and All

    Here’s to the school we love
    We are Trojans, one and all.
    We will always cheer for victory
    and you’ll never let us fall.
    Go! Go! Go!
    Cheers to T-R-O-Y
    We are with you all the way.
    So get out there team and
    Fight! Fight! Fight!  And win today!

  2. Troy: A Beacon to the World

    Upon the mighty walls of TROY,
    we meet our life-long friends.
    To grow in knowledge, truth and strength,
    our journey never ends.
    With the promise of the future,
    and the guidance of the past,
    We pledge our solemn vow to thee,
    loyal everlast.
    So raise our mighty Trojan sword,
    a beacon to the world!  Throughout the ages brightly shines,
    the guiding light of TROY.

  3. Troy Fanfare

  4. Strike Up the Band

  5. Are You from Dixie

    Are you from Dixie? I said from Dixie!  Where the fields of cotton beckon to me.  I’m glad to see you,  Tell me how be you,  and the friends I’m longing to see?
    If you’re from Alabama, Tennessee, or Caroline,
    any place below the Mason-Dixon Line,  Then you’re from Dixie,
    Hurray for Dixie!  ‘Cause I’m from Dixie too!

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