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The Tulane Green Wave play in the quaint 4,100-seat Devlin Fieldhouse. The building’s small size creates an intimate feeling that you won’t find at too many other venues throughout Division I college hoops. The arena’s small size puts you on top of the action and gives attending a Tulane basketball game a unique feel.

Another aspect of the arena that makes a Tulane basketball game a pleasant and enjoyable experience is the fact Devlin Fieldhouse is the ninth oldest continuously operating basketball arena in the nation. You can feel the history the minute you step into the building, so enjoy knowing the fact you’re attending a game at a historic venue when watching the Green Wave play.

While Devlin Fieldhouse may only accommodate 4,100 fans, those in attendance are all loud in their support of the Green Wave. You won’t find any bandwagoners here who are content to sit on their hands, and no matter what the score Green Wave fans can be heard supporting their team.

Finally, New Orleans is a great city to visit, and there are tons of great dining options for before or after the game. Camellia Grill is a great place to grab a burger, and you’ll be able to get an alligator sausage hot dog at nearby Dat Dog.

A Green Wave game is a good time for anyone looking to experience an intimate college basketball venue and is an excellent way to for any college hoops fan to spend some time in the Big Easy.

Things to check out

Center Floor Sign

Snap a picture with the old center floor sign at the front of Devlin Fieldhouse. The sign is a cool piece of history and presents an excellent photo op.


Hanging from rafters of Devlin Fieldhouse are banners celebrating the Green Waves three NCAA Tournament appearances and the best players in Green Wave history. The banners honor Tulane legends including Thompson, Arthur's, and Reed. Check them out to remember all of the best players and teams from the Green Wave’s past.

Team Shop

Those of you looking to pick up a souvenir from your trip to Tulane will want to stop by the team shop. Here you’ll find a wide variety of Green Wave apparel, so stop by and pick up a t-shirt or hat to commemorate your visit.

Post Game Shootaround

One of the things Devlin Fieldhouse is famous for is the post game shootaround. The post game shootarounds feature greats such as Karl Hoefer and Jack Pontin, so stay after the game and enjoy the post game shootaround.


Riptide is the Pelican mascot of Tulane Athletics, who represents the Green Wave at all major home sporting events. He pumps up the crowd at games, so look for Riptide to provide extra energy when needed to give the Green Wave as much of an edge as possible.

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Tulane Pep Band

The Tulane Pep Band puts on an incredible performance throughout the game and keeps spirits high with their renditions of school songs including “The Hullabaloo” and “The Olive and the Blue.” Win or lose, the pep band creates an incredible in-game atmosphere, so enjoy their tunes throughout the game.

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Fight Songs

  1. The Hullabaloo

    A One, A Two, A Helluva Hullabaloo
    A Hullabaloo Ray Ray
    A Hullabaloo Ray Ray
    Hooray-Hooray Vars Vars Tee Ay
    Tee Ay, Tee Ay Vars Vars Tee Ay

  2. Tulane Historic Drinking Song

  3. The Olive and the Blue

    Here’s a song for the Olive and the Blue
    Here’s a cheer for the team that’s tried and true,
    Here’s a pledge of loyalty to thee,
    Oh, Tulane Varsity,
    Here’s to the Greenbacks that never will say die
    And here’s to the hearts that are true,
    To the men of Tulane, who are fighting for her name
    For the Olive and the Blue.


    Roll, Green Wave, roll them down the field!
    Hold, Green Wave, that line must never yield!
    When those Greenbacks go charging thru the line,
    They’re bound for Victory,
    Hail Green Wave, for you we give a cheer.
    Hail Green Wave, for you we have no fear,
    So ev’ry man on ev’ry play,
    And then we’ll win the game today,
    Hurrah for Old Tulane.

  4. Alma Mater

    We praise thee for thy past, O Alma Mater!
    Thy hand hath done its work full faithfully.
    The incense of thy spirit has ascended
    And filled America from sea to sea!

    Olive Green and Blue! We love thee!
    Pledge we now our fealty true
    Where the trees are ever greenest,
    Where the skies are purest blue.
    Hear us now, O Tulane, hear us,
    As we proudly sing to thee!
    Take from us our hearts’ devotion,
    Thine we are and thine shall be!

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