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There has been a large uptick in Tulane’s fan support as the team has moved back to campus with the recent opening of beautiful Yulman Stadium. The new stadium has invigorated the gameday crowds and will look to bring back Tulane’s strong football tradition from the past.

Yulman Stadium offers all the amenities you could want in a college football stadium as you’ll find that every seat in the house offers a great view of the field. However, if you’re looking to get the full luxury experience, then The Glazer Family Club is a must. Here you’ll find a full sports bar and buffet as well as comfortable seats at the 50-yard line.

The fans at Yulman Stadium also make a visit to Tulane an extraordinary experience. You’ll find a renewed sense of school spirit among the students and alumni as the return to campus has brought a lot of fans back to Tulane after years playing away from home in the Superdome. The stadium is filled with green and blue on game days as Tulane fans try their hardest to give the Green Wave any edge they can.

Things to check out

Glazer Family Club

The Glazer Family Club features 1,500 chair back seats with two club rooms overlooking the 50-yard line, a sports bar and an enhanced menu of food on the buffet. This club offers an excellent way to catch a game if you would like to try something different than the traditional seat.

Original Tulane Stadium Medallion

Make sure to stop by and check out the original Tulane Stadium Medallion while attending a game at Yulman Stadium. The medallion was part of the original Tulane Stadium, which hosted not only the Green Wave but also served as home to the New Orleans Saints as well as the Sugar Bowl and three Super Bowls.

Tulane University Marching Band

The Tulane University Marching Band puts on an incredible performance throughout the game, which is showcased by their pregame and halftime shows. The pregame show is more traditional and follows a set pattern where the band plays fan favorites including “Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans,” “When the Saints Go Marching In,” and “Roll On, Tulane.” Both the pregame and halftime shows are amazing so make sure to take in both to get the full Tulane gameday experience.

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Riptide is the Pelican mascot of Tulane Athletics, who represents the Green Wave at all major home sporting events. He pumps up the crowd at games, so look for Riptide to provide extra energy when needed to give the Green Wave as much of an edge as possible.

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Fight Songs

  1. The Hullabaloo

    A One, A Two, A Helluva Hullabaloo
    A Hullabaloo Ray Ray
    A Hullabaloo Ray Ray
    Vars Vars Tee Ay
    Tee Ay, Tee Ay Vars Vars Tee Ay

  2. The Olive and the Blue

    Here’s a song for the Olive and the Blue Here’s a cheer for the team that’s tried and true,
    Here’s a pledge of loyalty to thee,
    Oh, Tulane Varsity, Here’s to the Greenbacks that never will say die
    And here’s to the hearts that are true, To the men of Tulane, who are fighting for her name
    For the Olive and the Blue.
    Roll, Green Wave, roll them down the field! Hold, Green Wave, that line must never yield!
    When those Greenbacks go charging thru the line, They’re bound for Victory,
    Hail Green Wave, for you we give a cheer. Hail Green Wave, for you we have no fear, So ev’ry man on ev’ry play,
    And then we’ll win the game today,
    Hurrah for Old Tulane.

  3. Alma Mater

    We praise thee for thy past, O Alma Mater!
    Thy hand hath done its work full faithfully.
    The incense of thy spirit has ascended
    And filled America from sea to sea!

    Olive Green and Blue! We love thee!
    Pledge we now our fealty true
    Where the trees are ever greenest,
    Where the skies are purest blue.
    Hear us now, O Tulane, hear us,
    As we proudly sing to thee!
    Take from us our hearts’ devotion,
    Thine we are and thine shall be!

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