The tailgating atmosphere in Colorado Springs on Air Force game days is much more relaxed than what you’d find at a lot of schools. The students at Air Force, or rather cadets, are required to march on the field at the game meaning that alcohol is a big no-no for them pregame. Cadets do though enjoy carousing and grilling a few burgers and hotdogs before the game.

You will, however, find that the alumni take the opportunity to tailgate to their fullest at Air Force games. The alumni tailgate spreads at Air Force go far beyond your traditional hotdogs and burgers.Here you’ll find that a lot of tailgaters like to put on themed tailgates that vary from week to week. The themes often match the opponents such as when playing Navy Air Force fans may provide a seafood feast.

There is also a great deal of camaraderie between the alumni and students as service in the Air Force creates a strong family like bond. You’ll have a great time tailgating at Air Force as you’ll find great food and a friendly atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone.


Falcon Pride Club Tailgating

The official Air Force Falcons tailgate in which all of the cooking is done for you. At $25 per person, this is the perfect opportunity to eat and drink as much as you would like without any of the set up.

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Pikes Peak and Cheyenne Mountains

At an Air Force tailgate, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking view of the Colorado landscape. You can Pikes Peak and the Cheyenne Mountains from various tailgate spots, so enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding you.

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Where to tailgate

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