1. Fly Over

Truly one of the most unique pre-game rituals in all of college athletics. F-15 soars over Falcon Stadium as the crowd watches in awe. A hair-raising moment, to say the least.

2. Halftime Falcon

At halftime of each home game, a falcon is released and can be seen soaring high above Falcon Stadium. This offers the fans a great experience and wonderful sight.

3. Squadron Formations

Before every game, Air Force cadets line up into their squadrons formation all around the field. They hold this formation until after the national anthem when they all sprint at full speed into the stands.

4. Commander-In-Chief's Trophy

The Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy is awarded to the winner of the three-way rivalry between Army, Navy, and Air Force. While Army and Navy typically play on a neutral site, the Army-Air Force matchup alternates between West Point and Colorado Springs, so if you want to see this matchup be sure to attend the game at Michie Stadium on the first Saturday of November. Air Force have won the trophy a record 20 times and will hope to win it again this season.

5. Falcon Pride Club Tailgating

The official Air Force Falcons tailgate in which all of the cooking is done for you. At $25 per person, this is the perfect opportunity to eat and drink as much as you would like without any of the set-up.

6. Touchdown Pushups

After every score, the freshman cadets run down from the stands and into the end zone to do push-ups. The cadets do as many push-ups as the team has points scored.

7. Pikes Peak and Cheyenne Mountains

As you catch breaks in the action, you can look beyond the stands at a breathtaking view of the Colorado landscape. Pikes Peak and Cheyenne Mountain can be seen from the varying points of the stadium, so take a minute to enjoy the beauty around you.

8. Team Plaques

All throughout Falcon Stadium, you’ll be able to find plaques and other displays honoring great Air Force players, teams, and coaches of the past. Check out these plaques for a chance to learn a lot about Air Force’s outstanding football tradition.


9. Ram-Falcon Trophy

When Air Force and Colorado State meet the victor walks away with the Ram-Falcon Trophy. The trophy dated back to 1980 and was created by former Colorado State ROTC commander Shelly Godkin. Air Force leads the all-time series between these Colorado-based schools 32-20-1 and will look to continue their winning ways when these two teams meet next.

10. Air! Force! Chant!

One-half of the stadium chants “Air” and the other chants “Force” which makes up the favorite chant of this fanbase. This chant pumps up the crowd, so join in and let everyone know what team you support.

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