The Army campus in West Point, New York is absolutely gorgeous and provides a great place to tailgate. The tailgates here are mainly located in the parking lots located throughout West Point. At the tailgates, you’ll find a lot of food and drinks as people here put out a large spread before cheering on the Black Knights.

One noticeable thing about an Army tailgate is that the fact Army is a military service academy, which means there is an even stronger communal feel than at other college football tailgates. It isn’t uncommon to even see people giving away tickets to fellow Army fans for a beer or even for free. Army fans also are very welcoming to opposition fans as they’ll often offer them to join their tailgates. If you’re looking for a fun and friendly tailgate, look no further than an Army tailgate at West Point.


Cadet Review

The Cadet Review takes place on “The Plain” three hours before kickoff. During the Cadet, Review cadets march on parade in traditional military uniforms. The spectacle is an excellent way to show off Army’s proud tradition and to honor these brave men and women.

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Black Knight Walk

The Black Knight Walk takes place two hours before kickoff as the team is led by the band and spirit squad through Black Knights Alley. Here you’ll get the chance to see the players up close and give them some last minute inspiration. Be sure to check out the Black Knight Walk if you want a chance to meet your heroes in person.

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Black Knight Alley

Black Knights Alley offers a variety of pregame festivities including food, drinks, autograph sessions, live music, and tailgate games. The alley runs between Michie Stadium and the reservoir along Mills Road. Black Knight Alley opens three hours before kickoff, so get here early to make the most out of it.

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Where to tailgate

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