1. Cadet Review

The Cadet Review takes place on “The Plain” three hours before kickoff. During the Cadet Review, cadets march on parade in traditional military uniforms.  The spectacle is an excellent way to show off Army’s proud tradition and to honor these brave men and women.

2. Divisional Emblems

The Army football uniforms are adorned with the Divisional Patch of one of the ten Army Divisions, which rotates every game. This tradition is a great way to pay tribute to the men and women serving in the US Army around the world. Along with this tradition, the commanding general of the Division being honored writes a letter to the football team before the game. Check out the Army uniforms at each game to see what Division is being honored.

3. Marshall Plaque

Before every game Army players will touch the Marshall Plaque as they take the field. Engraved on the plaque is General George C. Marshall’s famous quote “I want an officer for a secret and dangerous mission. I want a West Point Football player!” One unique thing about this tradition is that it takes place not only at home but also on the road. Look for the players to touch this famous plaque as they take the field.

4. Kenna Hall of Army Sports

The Kenna Hall of Army Sports recognizes Army players, coaches, and administrators who have made great contributions to the athletics department over the years. The induction to the Hall coincides with an Army football game, so if you want to be here for the extra special weekend make sure to come during the induction.

5. Touchdown Celebration

The cadets stand throughout the game only taking a break during halftime or to do celebratory pushups when the team scores.  After every Army touchdown, a cannon is fired, and the cheer team and cadets drop down and do pushups, one for every point scored. Mascots at a lot of schools do pushups when their team scores, however, Army is one of the few places where the fans get in on the tradition. If attending an Army game come prepared to drop and give the team 20.

6. Singing of the Alma Mater Songs

Following the game the Black Knights and the opposition get together on the field and sing each other’s alma maters. The winning team sings second, which has led to the Army football slogan “sing second.” Stick around after the game to hear the singing of both teams alma maters by the teams.

7. Black Knights Alley

Black Knights Alley offers a variety of pregame festivities including food, drinks, autograph sessions, live music, and tailgate games. The alley runs between Michie Stadium and the reservoir along Mills Road. Black Knights Alley opens three hours before kickoff, so get here early to make the most out of it.

8. Parachute Demonstration

The game ball at West Point is delivered by a cadet who jumps out of a helicopter and lands on the field before kickoff. The unique deliver a game of the game ball is a must-see for college football fans everywhere, so arrive early and take it in.

9. Black Knight Walk

The Black Knight Walk takes place two hours before kickoff as the team is led by the band and spirit squad through Black Knight Alley. Here you’ll get the chance to see the players up close and give them some last minute inspiration. Make sure to check out the Black Knight Walk if you want a chance to meet your heroes in person.

10. The 12th Man

The 12th Man at Army is made up of cadets whose loud and passionate cheers make Michie Stadium a difficult place for opponents to play. The leader of the Army pep band paints his face with the number 12 because the pep band plays a major role in firing up the cadets. The cadets provide a great 12th man that rivals that of many larger schools.

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