Tailgating is taken quite seriously at Navy as tailgates start as early as 7:00 am and go until kickoff. Navy tailgates are famous for the large variety of foods that can be found here. They’ve got everything from your traditional burgers and hot dogs to barbecue  to crab. If you’re looking for a tailgate that offers a feast fit for a king looks no further than a Navy tailgate.

Navy tailgates are also a lot more civilized than tailgates at other schools as the students here observe the naval code and are on their best behavior. You won’t find any drunk and disorderly students here, so you won’t have to worry about rowdy fans ruining your good time.


Brigade of Midshipmen March-On

Here at Navy, it isn’t the players who march into the stadium, but the students. The students here march into the stadium in full uniform as the band leads the charge. If attending a Navy game be sure to get there early to see this spectacle.

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The original wooden Tecumseh figurehead was salvaged from a shipwreck and given to the Naval Academy in 1866. However, the bronze figure that currently stands on the Navy campus has been there since 1930. Before every game, Midshipmen throw pennies and give the figurehead a salute for good luck.

Enterprise Bell

The Enterprise Bell is rung during special ceremonies to celebrate the Midshipmen winning the majority of the sporting events against Army during a sports season. Make sure to attend one of these events if you want to celebrate beating Army with fellow Navy fans.

Navy Fest

Navy Fest offers premium tailgating that featuring a wide variety food served right to you. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a tailgate, then Navy Fest is the tailgating spot for you.

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Where to tailgate

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