1. Blaze Statue

Before the game stop by the Blaze statue and get your picture taken. The statue presents an excellent photo op, which is a great keepsake from your trip to see the Blazers play at Bartow Arena.

2. Gene Bartow Bust

The Gene Bartow bust honors the father of UAB basketball. Without Bartow, there would be no Blazers basketball program, so take a minute to view the statue and pay tribute to the man who gave birth to the UAB basketball program.

3. UAB-Memphis Rivalry

UAB and Memphis had a fierce rivalry during the Tigers time in Conference USA, and the two teams have recently renewed the rivalry. You’ll always be in for a good matchup when the Tigers come to town, so make sure to be in attendance when the Blazers take on Memphis.


4. Blaze

Blaze is a European dragon and the official mascot of the UAB Blazers. All throughout the game, you can see Blaze getting into all kinds of shenanigans, so keep your eyes peeled for him at the game.

5. Gang Green

The UAB student section, known as Gang Green, propels the Blazers to victory with the intimidating in-game atmosphere they provide. Gang Green is home to the wildest fans in Bartow Arena and is a can’t miss aspect of any UAB basketball game.

6. Banners

Take a minute before the game to take in the Blazers banners hanging above the court. The banners show off UAB’s biggest accomplishments on the hardwood including the 1982 team’s Elite Eight appearance.

7. UAB-Southern Miss Rivalry

The UAB-Southern Miss rivalry is one of the biggest rivalries in Conference USA, so don’t miss it when these two meet. The two schools have been members of Conference USA since its founding, and you’ll be in for a treat when attending a UAB-Southern Miss game.

8. Cheerleaders and Golden Girls

Enjoy the performances of the cheerleaders and Golden Girls when attending a UAB game. The cheerleaders do an incredible job of pumping up the crowd, and the Golden Girls routines are top notch as well.

9. Pep Band

The UAB pep band provides an incredible atmosphere at Blazers basketball games. No college hoops game is complete without the sounds of the pep band, so enjoy the band at a UAB game.

10. UAB Team Store

If you’re looking to pick up some UAB gear at the game then make sure to check out the UAB Team Store. The store is home to a variety of Blazers gear including caps, t-shirts, and much more.

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