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A UCF basketball game provides a great game day experience for anyone looking to take in some college hoops action in the Orlando area. The Knights may not have the pedigree of some of the other Florida schools, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a fun time attending a UCF basketball game.

The student section, known as Knightmare, is incredibly loud and do an excellent job of taunting opponents. Despite not being one of the big programs, UCF students come out in strong numbers to support their team and even when the team is struggling they still provide quite a presence at games.

Knightmare aren’t the only ones putting on a great display at UCF games, Knightro and Knightmoves also create a great atmosphere. Knightro does a fantastic job engaging with fans young and old, and you won’t want to miss Knightmoves dance routines.

One of the best things about attending a UCF basketball game is that you won’t have to break the bank to do so. The Knights provide excellent entertainment, and you can get tickets for as little as $5, so there’s no reason not to check out a UCF basketball game at least once.

Finally, the CFE Arena is a part of the Knights Plaza athletic village, so there is lots of buzz surrounding the team on game days. You’ll also find lots of places to eat nearby as well meaning you won’t have to worry about going home hungry.

A UCF basketball game presents a great chance to see some college hoops in the Orlando area for a low price, so don’t hesitate to get your tickets today.

Things to check out

The Charging Knight Statue

Located in the Knights Plaza athletic village, this statue has become a “focal point” of your UCF game day experience. The statue was created by Don Reynolds and symbolizes UCF’s excellence in academics, partnerships, and athletics. Stop by and snap a picture with this statue as part of your UCF game day.

Blacktop Court

One of the unique features of the CFE Arena is the Knights’ blacktop court. Most of the UCF court is painted black giving the surface a one of a kind look only found at UCF, so check it out.


Knightro is the official mascot of the UCF Knights and has attended every UCF home and away game since 1994. He is always the life of the party and will surely keep adults and children alike entertained. Look for Knightro to energize the crowd even when the action on the court isn’t at its best.

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The dance squad at the University of Central Florida is one of the best dance squads in the country. The team consistently finishes in the top 10 in the country, so keep your eyes peeled for them as you wouldn’t want to miss one of their wonderful in-game performances.

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The UCF student section, known as Knightmare, dress in black and do an excellent job of intimidating opponents. Knightmare is home to the wildest and craziest fans inside the CFE Arena, so enjoy their cheers and jeers during the game.

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Fight Songs

  1. Black! Gold!

    Half the stadium chants “Black!” and then the other half responds with “Gold!”

    Black! Gold!

    Black! Gold!

    Black! Gold!

  2. Charge On

    Official school fight song

    UCF charge onto the field,
    With our spirits we’ll never yield.

    We’re singing Black and Gold,
    Charge right through that line.

    Victory is our only cry,

    Tonight our Knights will shine!

    U-C-F Knights!
    U-C-F Let’s go Knights!


  3. Free Throw Chant

    Like lots of schools, the UCF student section has their own signature free-throw chant. Before a Knights player shoots, the students hold their right arm straight up and make a fist. Once the basket is made, the students stomp their right foot twice, clap twice, and make a shooting motion with their right arm while chanting, “swoosh.” Join in the chant to show off your UCF pride.



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