1. John Wooden Statue

Make sure to stop by the John Wooden statue before the game. The statue honors arguably the greatest coach in college basketball history and is an excellent photo opportunity, so don’t miss your chance to get a picture with the Wizard of Westwood.

2. Frisbee Cheer

Before every UCLA home game the Den performs the Frisbee Cheer. The Frisbee Cheer is a fun call-and-response cheer that pumps up the student section and gets everyone ready to cheer on the Bruins. Join in the cheer to get pumped for the game and show off your Bruins spirit.

3. Empty Seat

UCLA leaves an empty seat behind the Bruins bench for legendary coach John Wooden. The seat is the exact one where Wooden would watch every Bruins basketball game following his retirement and is a touching tribute to the man who put UCLA basketball on the map.

4. Wooden Way

Take some time to explore Wooden Way when attending a UCLA basketball game. The hallway is home to many artifacts from Wooden’s days as head coach including the famous Wooden Pyramid of Success. Wooden Way is a must-see for any college basketball game, so arrive at the arena early and check it out.

5. Incredible Moments

All around the concourse of Paul Pavilion are pictures and banners honoring the biggest moments in Bruins history. Take a walk of the concourse and see of the Bruins incredible moments from over the years.

6. Joe Bruin

Joe Bruin is the official UCLA mascot, and he can be seen throughout games leading cheers on the sideline and energizing the crowd. Originally Joe was a live bear, however, in the 1960s he became a costumed student. Look for Joe Bruin to pump up the crowd at the next UCLA basketball game you attend.

7. UCLA Pep Band

The UCLA band puts on incredible show at Bruins basketball games. They invigorate the crowd with fan favorites such as “Strike Up the Band for UCLA,” “Sons of Westwood,” and “The Mighty Bruins.” Enjoy the musical stylings of the Bruins pep band when attending a UCLA basketball game.

8. Banners

Hanging from the rafters of Pauley Pavilion are banners celebrating the greatest accomplishments in Bruins history. There are 11 national championship banners as well as countless others, so take them all in when attending a game at Pauley Pavilion.

9. Take Off that Red Shirt

Any fan that comes into the Den (student seating area) with a red shirt initiates the “take off that red shirt” chant. The chant then does not stop until the shirt is removed and everyone applauds. The chant originated to keep USC fans out of the student section, so if you’re sitting there do your due diligence to keep it Trojan free.

10. Free Throws

During free throws, everyone in the Den points their finger at the basket. If the basket is made, then they yell, “swoosh” and clap their hands. Celebrate free throws along with the Den by performing this tradition.

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