The Charlotte 49ers football program began to play in 2013, and the fans have been coming out strong to support their team ever since. You’ll find lots of 49ers pride on display at tailgates here, as everyone arrives bright and early to party and show off their Charlotte pride on game days. You won’t be able to move an inch without seeing green and white tents as well as fans adorned from head to toe in 49ers gear.

All Throughout the tailgate, you’ll find fans having a good time grilling and playing tailgate games, as the prepare to enter the stadium and cheer on the 49ers to victory. The students are particularly lively as they gather at the student tailgate to party hard before supporting the team. There is plenty of beer to drink and music to get down to, so join in on this incredible party scene to get the most out your trip to Charlotte.

It’s not just the ability to hang out, and have a few drinks with friends that make tailgating before a 49ers game a special experience, the pride and passion on display for the team is also top notch. Nothing shows off the pride and spirit on display at UNC Charlotte before the game better than the team walk. During the team walk the players and coaches enter the stadium followed by performances by the band and cheer team. Make sure to check out this outstanding tradition to get into the 49ers gameday spirit.


Team Walk

The team walk gives you an excellent chance to see the players and coaches as they enter the stadium. You’ll also get to see the band and cheer team perform making it the perfect way to get in the 49ers spirit.

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The Normbulance

The Normbulance is one of the most popular tailgate spots on and is home to the toast that takes place 49 minutes past an hour to kickoff. Stop by the Normbulance and take part in the pregame toast to get the full 49ers game day experience.

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Tailgate Village

Tailgate Village offers you the chance to take part in an all you can eat and drink tailgate for only $20. Head on down to the Hauser Alumni Pavilion two and a half hours before kickoff to take part in this excellent tailgate party that provides the perfect alternative to setting up your own tailgate.

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Where to tailgate

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