1. "Go Long" Statues

Jerry Richardson Stadium features two of these identical statues. One at the main entrance and one in the south end zone in front of the Rose Football Center. Stop by one of these two statues if you get the chance, as they provide a great photo op for you and your friends or family.

2. Team Walk

Nothing shows off the pride and spirit on display at UNC Charlotte before the game is better than the team walk. During the team walk the players and coaches enter the stadium followed by performances by the band and cheer team. Make sure to check out this outstanding tradition to get into the 49ers gameday spirit.

3. Tailgate Village

Tailgate Village offers you the chance to take part in an all you can eat and drink tailgate for only $20. Head on down to the Hauser Alumni Pavilion two and a half hours before kickoff to take part in this excellent tailgate party that provides the perfect alternative to setting up your own tailgate.

3. Norm the Niner

Norm is the prospector mascot of the UNC Charlotte 49ers and can be seen entertaining fans at every 49ers athletics event. Norm’s zany antics will surely keep you entertained on game day making attending a 49ers game well worth your time.

5. Judy W. Rose Football Center

Located on the southeast end of the stadium, the Judy W. Rose Football Center is home to both athletic and academic amenities. The football center plays a major role in the operations of a football team and is quite the sight to behold, so take notice of it when attending a game at Jerry Richardson Stadium.

6. Student Tailgate

The student tailgate takes place in Silver Lot 25 and is a great place to tailgate before games with fellow students. There is no charge for student parking passes, and spots are first come first serve, so make sure to get here early to get the most out of your game day experience. There is also “picnic style” tailgating available in the grassy areas surrounding Rose Football Center, so even if you don’t have a car, you’ll be able to join in on the pregame festivities.

7. Pride of Niner Nation

The Pride of Niner Nation is among the newest in college football that doesn’t mean they don’t put on quite the show at 49ers games. The band’s pregame and halftime performances are mesmerizing, and they always know how to enhance the in-game atmosphere as well. You’ll be in for a treat when taking in a 49ers game due to the accompaniment of the Pride of Niner Nation to the action on the field.

8. The Uh-Huh Guy

This Charlotte super fan is known for making signs and leading fans in cheers at every Charlotte sporting event. He does an outstanding job of riling up the crowd, so keep your eyes peeled for him when attending a 49ers game.

9. Low Profile

Jerry Richardson Stadium was built below ground level meaning you’ll have an excellent view of the surrounding area no matter where you are sitting. You can see all throughout campus when attending a game giving the game a quaint feeling that you won’t find at other larger venues.

10. CUSA Games

The 49ers football program is one of the youngest in the nation meaning they’ll look to solidify rivalries in the coming years. As members of Conference USA each matchup with their fellow conference members will go a long way towards building rivalries, so make sure to be in attendance for conference games.

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