1. Roll Tide

Perhaps one of the most recognizable rallying cries across the nation, Roll Tide has been the trademarked Alabama Crimson Tide motto for years.

2. Million Dollar Band

Named in 1922 after a Crimson Tide loss to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, an Atlanta sportswriter said to an Alabama alumni, W.C. ‘Champ’ Pickens, “You don’t have much of a team; what do you have?”. Pickens responded saying, “A Million Dollar Band.” The Million Dollar Band lives up to their name, so enjoy the show put on by the Million Dollar Band when attending a Crimson Tide game.

3. Fight Songs

Alabama has an amazing amount, but the fight song “Yea Alabama!” is one of the most noticeably celebrated on game day! Played by the Million Dollar Band after each touchdown, any true Crimson Tide fan or alumni knows each and every word!

4. Shakers

Every true Alabama fan already has a “shaker” in hand when they get to their seat in the stadium. In unison, the crowd shakes them back and forth when the Crimson Tide make a good play or just when the crowd knows they need to get excited!

5. "Most Beloved Fan Base in College Football"

Voted by USA Today, Alabama fans are a force to be reckoned with. They tend to be extremely aggressive towards fans of the opposing team and don’t hold back with their cheering and hollering during the game!

6. The Quad

Covered in crimson and white, this huge tailgate area located on the Alabama campus does not disappoint. Motorhomes covering the area offer up all different kinds of nourishment to passersby or set up shop and rent your tent!

7. The Strip

The stadium is located on Alabama’s campus and downtown Tuscaloosa which makes for a great atmosphere. “The Strip” is located close to the stadium and is loaded with restaurants, bars, and shops to visit

8. Walk of Champions

Starting at the north entrance of the stadium, the team walks to Bryant-Denny and passes by the statues of past Alabama coaches of the 15 National Championship games are located.

9. Elephant Stomp

One of the great Alabama pregame traditions is the Elephant Stomp, a pregame show outside Bryant-Denny Stadium performed by the Alabama marching band, the Million Dollar Band. One hour before kick-off, each band section will warm up and meet on the steps of the Gorgas Library and the band and cheerleaders will lead Bama fans in a short pep rally and march to the stadium. If you want to get in the Bama spirit then head on down to the Elephant Stomp to see some great pre-game entertainment.

10. Paul W. Bryant Museum

Honoring the legendary coach Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant with its name, the museum opened in 1985 and celebrated the history of the University and the Crimson Tide. At one of the exhibits, you can study historical wins and victories of the team in a research room!


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