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Arkansas Razorbacks have called Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium home since it opened in 1938. The stadium opened as Razorback Stadium and sat 14,000 fans, however, today when attending a Razorbacks game you’ll be part of a packed crowd of over 70,000 screaming Arkansas fans.  

Like all SEC schools football is king at Arkansas. The fans here are loud and passionate about their team, and fandom is passed down from generation to generation. Arkansas fans come out in particularly strong numbers to support their team when they play SEC rivals. However the fans who show up to nonconference games are the real die-hards who provide most of the noise on game day.

One of the things that sets attending a game at Razorback Stadium apart from other SEC schools is the beautiful scenic backdrop provided by the Boston Mountains. The mountains aren’t the only giant thing you can see from inside Razorback Stadium as here you’ll find one of the largest scoreboards in the SEC. There is a lot to take in at a Razorbacks game, so keep your eyes and ears peeled to not only the action on the field but also the beauty around you.

The stadium itself is a treat to visit as it is one of the most modern and beautiful in the SEC. The brick and glass facade gives Razorback Stadium a very modern look that is commonly associated stadiums that house NFL and MLB. Inside the stadium, the Razorbacks proudly show their strong college football tradition throughout the eastern, western, and southern concourses. You’ll see a rich tapestry of banners and tributes to teams of the past as well as all-time great players.

The gorgeous views, rich history, and die-hard fans make attending an Arkansas Razorbacks game something that every college football should do at least once.

Things to check out

Championship Alley

The east concourse is called Championship Alley and for a good reason: it displays the banners of conference championships, the 1964 national title, and a tribute to every football letterman.

All-American Alley

The south end zone concourse is called All-American Alley and is dedicated to the All-Americans that have come out of the University of Arkansas.

Bowl Alley

The west concourse is dubbed Bowl Alley as it pays tribute to every Razorback bowl team to play throughout the program’s history.

Calling of the Hogs

Razorback fans will start the hog call by raising both hands in the air, waving their fingers as the volume gets louder, and saying “wooooo.” The arms go down with the word “pig” which immediately follows and then go back into the air in a fist motion during the word “sooie.” After the third time, the word “Razorbacks” will follow.

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Running Through the A

This tradition is special for any and all University of Arkansas Razorback fans, players, and marching band members. Arkansas’ massive marching band will conclude their pre-game performance in an “A” formation, in a tribute to Arkansas. The players will then run through the A as they enter the field.

Live Hog Mascot

Live hogs have been a part of the Razorback tradition as early as the 1920s but weren't a staple of the University until forty years later. Currently, a 380-pound Russian boar named Tusk is the live mascot for the Razorbacks, and he attends all home games.

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The Hog Hat

The original style of one of the most recognizable pieces of fan apparel is a hard plastic hat with a long snout, rough razorback ridges across the top, and a sharp, pointed curley-cue tail. Modern versions of the hog hat are made with softer materials but regardless, no Razorback fan’s closet is complete without the hat!

Fight Songs

  1. Alma Mater

    Pure as the dawn on the brow of thy beauty Watches thy soul from the mountains of God Over the Fates of thy children departed
    Far from the land where their footsteps have trod.
    Beacon of hope in the ways dreary lighted;
    Pride of our hearts that are loyal and true; From those who adore unto one who adores us- Mother of Mothers, we sing unto you.
    We, with our faces turned high to the Eastward,
    Proud of our place in the vanguard of Truth,
    Will sing unto thee a new song of thanksgiving- Honor to God and the Springtime of Youth.
    Shout of the victor or tear of the vanquished; Sunshine or tempest thy heart is e’er true;
    Pride of the Hills and the white-laden Lowlands- Mother of Mothers, we kneel unto you.  Ever the Legions of Sin will assail us,
    Ever the Battle in Cities afar;
    Still in the depths will thy Spirit eternal
    Beckon us on like a piloting Star.
    Down in dim years do thy dead children call thee, Wafted to Sleep while the Springtime was new;
    We, of the Present, thy hope of the Future-  Mother of Mothers, we pray unto you.

  2. Fight Song

    Hit that line! Hit that line!
    Keep on going! Take that ball right
    down the field! Give a cheer. Rah! Rah!
    Never fear. Rah! Rah!
    Arkansas will never yield!
    On your toes, Razorbacks,
    to the finish, Carry on with all your might!
    For it’s A-A-A-R-K-A-N-S-A-S
    for Arkansas! Fight! Fight! Fi-i-i-ight!

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