The University of Arkansas offers a couple of different options regarding tailgating that allows for a great game day experience. Fans can tailgate in the surrounding lots of the stadium but the earlier you get there, the better off you’ll be as it fills up fast. Everyone gets up bright and early to get their game day parties started early here in Fayetteville.

Typically alcohol is not allowed on university grounds, but as long as you’re respectful and responsible, there should be no issue with it on game day. Arkansas tailgaters like to have fun but are also a bit more relaxed in their pregame rituals than you’ll find at some other rowdier schools. Come prepared to have a good time at a Razorbacks tailgate where you can grab some drinks and shoot the breeze with friends and fellow fans.

One of the best places to tailgate at Arkansas is The Gardens. This grassy area is filled with tents, grills, and massive tailgate vehicles as far as the eye can see. Located on the east side of Razorback Road, the space here will allow you set up a great tailgate and take part in all the best sights and sounds an Arkansas tailgate has to offer. Make sure to get here early though to claim your spot as The Gardens fills up early.

Finally, when attending a Razorbacks game, make sure to wear white and red and respond to the Hog Call around the stadium so you’ll fit right in with the crowd.


Hog Walk

Join the Razorbacks spirit squad cheer on the team as they make their way from the bus to the stadium. The Hog Walk is a fun tradition and an excellent way to show off your Arkansas pride.

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AT&T Fan Zone at the Gardens

Located inside the Gardens, Fan Zone offers a fun, family friendly experience. Fan Zone features live music (for specific games), inflatable games for children of all ages, and big screen TVs showing all the major games of the day.

Where to tailgate

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