1. Live Hog Mascot

Live hogs have been a part of the Razorback tradition as early as the 1920s but weren’t a staple of the University until forty years later. Currently, a 380-pound Russian boar named Tusk is the live mascot for the Razorbacks, and he attends all home games.

2. Calling of the Hogs

Razorback fans will start the hog call by raising both hands in the air, waving their fingers as the volume gets louder, and saying “wooooo.” The arms go down with the word “pig” which immediately follows and then go back into the air in a fist motion during the word “sooie.” After the third time, the word “Razorbacks” will follow.

3. Running Through the A

This tradition is special for any and all University of Arkansas Razorback fans, players, and marching band members. Arkansas’ massive marching band will conclude their pre-game performance in an “A” formation, in a tribute to Arkansas. The players will then run through the A as they enter the field.

4. The Gardens

The Gardens is the main tailgating spot for Razorback fans and is located on the east side of Razorback Road. People will come out to the Gardens as early as 7 am to get their pre-game celebration started in this grassy area that offers a ton of non-reserved lawn space. The Razorback shuttle will also take you to the stadium if you don’t feel like walking from the stadium

5. Hog Hat

The original style of one of the most recognizable pieces of fan apparel is a hard plastic hat with a long snout, rough razorback ridges across the top, and a sharp, pointed curly-cue tail. Modern versions of the hog hat are made with softer materials but regardless, no Razorback fans closet is complete without the hat!

6. Victory Village

There are two locations for the Victor Village tailgate, the east and north sides of the stadium. Victory Village offers reservable tented space, which includes a tailgate space, catering packages, and large tents that can accommodate many tailgaters.

7. Ole Miss Rivalry

The Razorbacks first met the Rebels in 1908 and played sporadically until 1981 when the two teams began playing annually. Ole Miss is also geographically the closest school to Arkansas in the SEC, which brings fans from both schools to the games making it a fun one to watch

8. AT&T Fan Zone at the Gardens

Located inside the Gardens, Fan Zone offers a fun, family friendly experience. Fan Zone features live music (for specific games), inflatable games for children of all ages, and big screen TVs showing all the major games of the day.

9. Championship, All-American, and Bowl Alley

Throughout the concourses of Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium, you’ll find banners and tributes to the greatest players, teams, and coaches in Arkansas history. Each concourse has a particular theme; championship winning teams, All-Americans, and bowl teams. Make sure to walk all around the stadium to see all the displays.

10. LSU Rivalry (Golden Boot)

The winner of the matchup between these two SEC West foes is awarded the Golden Boot, a 24-karat gold trophy in the shape of the two states. Although the rivalry is not the most heated, there have been many spectacular moments in this series including Arkansas beating top-ranked LSU in triple overtime in 2007.

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