1. Tailgate Concert Series

At the University at Buffalo, you’ll be treated to the wonderful sounds of the Tailgate Concert Series, which features a different band each week. The Tailgate Concert Series gives the tailgating at Buffalo plenty of good vibes before kickoff and will surely enhance your game day experience.

2. Mechanical Bull

At each home game during halftime, willing participants take the mechanical bull in an attempt to see who can stay on the longest. Some succeed, but the majority fail in what turns into a very entertaining blooper reel. This is a huge hit among families with kids that enjoy watching the falls as well as the college students that frequently participate in this tradition.

3. Cowbell Guy

It may be a simple beat, but Cowbell Guy revs up the crowd during key moments giving the Bulls a true home field advantage. Look for him to energize the crowd with his cowbell during key moments when attending a UB football game.

4. Stampede Square

Stampede Square opens three hours before kickoff and offers a superb pregame destination for those of you not looking to set up a tailgate of your own. Here you’ll be able to enjoy live music from the Tailgate Concert Series as well as take part in all sorts of pregame festivities. You’ll even be able to rent tents inside of Corporate Village providing the perfect place to tailgate if you’re entertaining a large group.

5. Thunder of the East Marching Band

The band at the University at Buffalo dates back to 1920, however, the band was disbanded in 1970 until 1999 when it made its incredible return. The Thunder of the East put on one of the most entertaining band shows you’ll see in the MAC, so stay in your seat when they’re performing as you wouldn’t want to miss this amazing spectacle.

6. Tim Horton's KidZone

The KidZone at UB offers a variety of children’s activities that will keep your kids entertained for hours. Activities include face painting, inflatables, and kids will even be able to try on Bulls football gear. Bring the cameras and head on down to the KidZone for a fun experience for the whole family.

7. World University Games Marker

In 1993 UB Stadium hosted the World University Games and the marker commemorating this historical event can still be seen today when approaching the stadium. Stop by and snag a pic of the marker, as it is a reminder of one of the biggest events in UB history.

8. Victor E. Bull

Victor E. Bull is the official mascot of the University of Buffalo and can be seen at every Bulls home game. He puts on quite the show during the game keeping the fans entertained throughout and has even been named to the Capital One All-America Mascot Team in the past. Keep your eye out for Victor E. Bull during the game since you’ll never know what he’ll do next.

9. New York State-Based Rivals

The Bulls have strong rivalries with other New York-based schools including Army and Syracuse. The relatively proximity of these schools means you’ll find plenty of both teams’ fans tailgating and mingling before the game creating some of the best gameday atmospheres at UB.

10. Horns Up!

One of the most popular rallying cries among the students is the famous “Horns Up!” chant. The chant pumps everyone up and brings the crowd to their feet, so don’t hesitate to join in and cheer on the Bulls.

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