The weather and scenery for tailgating at UCLA are absolutely gorgeous. Here you’ll find picturesque views of the San Gabriel Mountains and enjoy some of the best weather in the country, which is a far cry from the colder temperatures of the midwest. You’ll find that the Rose Bowl is located in a valley at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains providing you with excellent scenery that will surely enhance your tailgate experience. You’ll also find the typical Southern California palm trees as well as other species trees surrounding the stadium giving you a distinct California feeling.

Besides being an wonderful place to tailgate, UCLA has all of the things that you could ever want in a tailgate. Here you’ll find a variety of places to set up your tailgate as well as several tailgate parties to join, which is perfect if you’re traveling from far away. Tailgating at UCLA provides a plethora of pregame festivities and entertainment to take part in as well. There is the Bruin Walk, which allows fans the chance to get up close to the players before they take the field in addition to live music performed by the UCLA Alumni Band. You’ll have an absolute blast tailgating before entering the Rose Bowl to see an excellent game of football.


Bruin Walk

You won’t want to miss the Bruin Walk when visiting UCLA, as it’s your best chance to get up close with the players and coaches. Come out to the Bruins Walk to show off your UCLA pride.

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Bonfire before USC Game

Each year UCLA students hold a bonfire in anticipation for their big matchup with crosstown rivals USC. The bonfire is one of the most fun UCLA events of the year and a must attend for every student out there.

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Public Tailgate Parties

If setting up your tailgate isn’t your thing then UCLA also has several public tailgate parties. These parties include food, drinks, large TVs, interactive games and even live music. They all cost money up front but the food is an open buffet, and the drinks may be open bar depending on what party you join. The Bruin Bash is the oldest public tailgate party starting 3 hours before kickoff and with a $40 advance price and $55 price on gameday. Ralph’s Ultimate Tailgate starts 4 hours before kickoff and costs only $25 or a Ralph’s receipt of $25 or more. Finally, Lawry’s tailgate takes place 3 hours before kickoff and costs $75. For more information on the public tailgate parties check out their website here.

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Where to tailgate

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