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The stands at Estes Stadium are packed full of dedicated fans on game days making a Bears game a fun experience for any FCS football fan. UCA students, alumni, and fans come out in large numbers to support the team making it difficult for opposing teams to walk away with the W and creating a great atmosphere inside the stadium.

The Bear Marching Band, Bruce D. Bear, and the cheer team also create a fun atmosphere at Bears games. The band’s performances are must-see parts of any game, and you won’t be able to help but join in the chants and cheers lead by the cheerleaders.

Finally, the unique look of the purple and gray turf at Estes Stadium gives Bears games a one of a kind feel. The alternating color scheme makes it easier to see the ball marching down the field, and the colors let everyone in attendance know that they’re at the home of the Bears.

A UCA Bears football game is a lot of fun making a trip to Conway, Arkansas a must for any die-hard FCS football fan.

Things to check out

Purple and Gray Field

Estes Stadium is home to a unique playing surface that alternates between purple and gray creating a unique feel you won’t find elsewhere. The one of a kind turf design also gives the Bears a nice home field advantage as well. Enjoy the sight of the purple and gray turf when attending a Bears game.

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Kidz Bounce Zone

Located in the South End Zone, the Kidz Bounce Zone is the perfect way to keep the kids entertained throughout the game. The Kidz Bounce Zone opens 45 minutes before the game, so stop by with the kids before or during the game.

Bear Marching Band

The Bear Marching Band puts on a fantastic show at UCA football games making them a must-see part of any game. Both their pregame and halftime shows are excellent, so stay in your seat when you see the Bear Marching Band take the field.

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Bruce D. Bear

Keep an eye out for the UCA mascot Bruce D. Bear at the game. Bruce gets into all kinds of shenanigans throughout the game and is especially popular among young fans.

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Join the UCA cheerleaders as they cheer on the Bears to victory. The cheer team performs a variety of routines at the game and will get you up and cheering no matter what the score.

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Fight Songs

  1. UCA Fight Song

    Go-Go-Fight Bears
    You will lead us on to victory
    Hey, go-go-win team
    Bears will charge the field and never yield
    We’ve got the spir-it, and we’ll show our colors
    Here tonight-so let’s cheer
    The Purple and the Gray Team
    Mighty BEARS will win the FIGHT (Go Bears!)

  2. UCA Alma Mater

    From the hills and from the lowlands,
    Comes the song of praise anew;
    Sung by thousands of our children,
    Alma Mater we sing to you.
    (Break it down)
    Then we’ll unfurl our colors the Purple and the Gray
    And in the breezes see them ever proudly sway;
    They lead us upward, they lead us onward,
    They lead us to victory (Go Bears!).
    Then let us gather round with loyal hearts and true,
    Our Alma Mater’s call OBEY;
    Our dear old colors will live forever,
    The Royal PURPLE and the GRAY.

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