UCF is one of the largest universities in the country and as a result, it has one of the biggest and best tailgates in the country. The fans here are pretty diehard when it comes to cheering on their Knights and they love to tailgate and let loose before watching the Knights take the field.

The heart of the tailgate scene at UCF is Memory Mall. Here you’ll be able to experience all the things that make tailgating at UCF a great experience. Memory Mall is home to the Marching Knights pregame band performance, free food giveaways, and loud music. You’ll also find the of the best tailgate set ups UCF has to offer on the mall, so make sure to stop by if you really want to get into the UCF game day spirit.

Here at UCF you’ll experience a great day of drinking and partying with friends as you let loose and prepare to cheer on the Knights to victory. There are a variety of drinking games as well as other pregame activities to take part in so don’t be shy and join in on the fun!


The Charging Knight Statue

Located just outside of the stadium, this statue has become a “focal point” of the UCF game day experience. The statue was created by Don Reynolds and symbolizes UCF’s excellence in academics, partnerships, and athletics. Stop by and snap a picture with this statue as part of your UCF game day.

Knight Walk

A great part of tailgating at UCF is the Knight Walk, which occurs two hours before kickoff and gives fans the opportunity to greet the players on the way to the stadium. The walk starts in the plaza next to the Jay Bergman Field and ends at Bright House Networks Stadium. Make sure to stop by the Knight Walk for your chance to see the team up close.

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Spirit Splash

Homecoming is an excellent time to attend a UCF football game and Spirit Splash makes it even better. Bring your swimsuit and jump into the reflection pond outside Millican Hall.

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Memory Mall

Memory Mall puts you at the center of the UCF tailgating scene. Here at Memory Mall you can check out live entertainment, stop by some of Orlando’s best food trucks, and take part in some of the best tailgating UCF has to offer. Make sure to reserve your spot to get the most out of your UCF game day experience.

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Knight Plaza

Located in the UCF Athletics Village Knight Plaza is a great place to go before the game if you aren’t looking to deal with the hassle of setting up a tailgate. Here you’ll find Burger U where you can grab a few drinks and some food before heading into the stadium.

Where to tailgate

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