Tailgating is alive and well at Cincinnati where you’ll find a bevy of tailgate options that will satisfy any die hard tailgater. Here at Cincinnati you’ll find not only an on-campus tailgate area known as The GRID, but you’ll also find that there are multiple block parties going on around the campus on gameday that you can join in on.

Bearcats pride is on display as everyone lines up around The GRID in order to take in the CATWALK before the game. The CATWALK gives Bearcats fans the opportunity to show support for the team by giving them last minute inspiration before they enter the stadium. It also really gets everyone in the gameday mood and helps create an outstanding atmosphere both inside the stadium and at the tailgate.

It’s not just the Bearcats pride that makes tailgating at Cincinnati great, but the fact that you’ll be able to take in excellent live entertainment, enjoy great food, have lots to drink, and make lots of new friends with fellow Bearcats fans. The wealth of live entertainment and camaraderie between Bearcats fans really makes coming out to a Cincinnati tailgate a great experience.

The tailgate scene here in Cincinnati has really grown over the last few years, which can be attributed both to the team’s success on the field as well as the fans’ and university’s dedication to creating a great tailgate atmosphere. The atmosphere will only improve in the coming years, so make sure to come out to Cincinnati for great food, lots to drink, and plenty of Bearcats pride.  



This pub offers a variety of adventurous beers serving 40 different offerings, 8 of which are on tap. If you’re looking to grab a drink during the game then stop by Catskeller as they’ll surely have something that will wet your whistle.

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Bearcat Statue

Located between Schott Stadium and Jefferson Ave the Bearcat statue really shows off Cincinnati’s school spirit. Make sure to stop by and snap a pic with the statue as a nice memento from your trip to Cincinnati.

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The Catwalk

During the pregame festivities, the Bearcats football team walks through The GRID on their way into the stadium in front of hundreds of adoring fans. The CATWALK is an excellent way to show your support for the team as they enter the stadium, so head to The GRID before the game.

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The GRID is Cincinnati’s on-campus tailgating area for fans and students to enjoy on gameday. Located across Campus Green The GRID has 100 tailgate spots and will put you at the center of the Bearcats tailgate scene.

Short Vine Block Party

The 2600 block of Short Vine offers a great place to hang out before the game. Here you’ll find a lots to eat and drink as well as be able to take in live entertainment. The Block Party opens two hours before kickoff, so head on down to Nippert Stadium early to get the most out of your Bearcats gameday.

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Cats on Calhoun Block Party

Cats on Calhoun offers a great place to get together with fellow Bearcats fans and show off your Cincinnati pride. Here you’ll find a variety of activities related to Cincinnati athletics that changes each week, so stop by and take part in the pregame fun at Cats on Calhoun.

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