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Colorado football games get off to a quick start out of the gate as Ralphie leads the team onto the field. The unique tradition is one of the most iconic in all of college football and alone will make your trip to Boulder worthwhile. Outside of Ralphie the band also puts on an outstanding show here as their pregame, halftime, and postgame performances are all superb.

When it comes to fan support Colorado has some of the best in the nation as you’ll surely see when attending a game in Boulder. Despite recent struggles, the Buffaloes fans still come out in strong numbers to support their team. The days of winning National Championships and watching greats like Kordell Stewart and Rashaan Salaam may be in the rearview mirror, but you wouldn’t know it if you listened to the crowd’s rousing rendition of the “Go Buffs” chant.

It’s not just the fans or mascot that make attending a game in Boulder a must as the natural beauty of Colorado is worth the trip all on its own. You’ll be able to see the Flatirons from your seat, which will leave you wondering at times if you should be paying attention to the action on the field or simply admiring your surroundings. A Colorado Buffaloes game has so much to offer that it can be overwhelming at times, so take a deep breath and enjoy the wonderful experience that is a Buffaloes football game.

Things to check out

Ralphie the Buffalo

Ralphie is the live mascot for the Colorado Buffaloes football team and widely regarded as one of the best live mascots in sports. The newest Ralphie, Ralphie V, is a majestic beast that is 500 pounds and riles up the crowd by running onto the field before every game. Get to your seats before kickoff, so you don’t miss out on witnessing this one of a kind tradition.

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Ralphie Statue

The Ralphie statue offers an excellent photo opportunity for anyone attending a Colorado Buffaloes football game. Snap a picture with this statue before watching her real life counterpart lead the Buffaloes onto the field.

Rocky Mountains and Flatirons

Located just beyond the west stand, the Rocky Mountains, and the Flatirons create a beautiful backdrop to Folsom Field. The scenery provides fans with a truly special experience that cannot be had anywhere else in the country. When attending a Buffaloes game make sure to take in the natural beauty that surrounds and makes Folsom Field one of the most beautiful stadiums in the country.

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Colorado Banner

The Colorado banner in the south end zone is an iconic part of Folsom Field. It also lets everyone know not only where they are, but also who is going to win the game as the Buffaloes are tough to beat at home.

Golden Buffalo Marching Band

Ralphie isn’t the only one who puts on a great show at a Buffaloes game, the Golden Buffalo Marching Band is a sight to behold as well putting on an outstanding show. One of their signature maneuvers is the formation of the Buffalo logo during the pregame routine. Get to your seat early as you wouldn’t want to miss this excellent game day tradition.

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Fight Songs

  1. CU Alma Mater

    Hail, all hail our alma mater
    Ever will our hearts be true
    You will live with us forever
    Loyal will we be to you
    We sing forever your praises
    Evermore our love renew
    Pledge our whole devotion to you
    Dear old CU.

  2. Fight CU!

    Played after games

    Fight CU down the field,
    CU must win
    Fight, fight for victory
    CU knows no defeat
    We’ll roll up a mighty score
    Never give in
    Shoulder to shoulder
    We will fight, fight
    Fight, fight, fight!

  3. Go, Buffs! Chant

    The crowd really gets riled up during the “Go Buffs” chant, which features some colorful language. If you really want to get into the Colorado gameday spirit then join in on this rowdy chant.

    Away we go! Go, Buffalo!

    We want a Colorado Victory

    Show them we’re out to win this game!

    Come on, Colorado! Push on to Fame!

    Fight for the Silver, fight for the Gold!

    Give a rousing cheer (Woohoo!)

    Hey, Buffalo! We’re gunna show!

    Go, Colorado, let’s go!

  4. Glory, Colorado

    Glory, Glory, Colorado!

    Glory, Glory Colorado!

    Glory, Glory, Colorado!

    Hurrah for the Silver and Gold!

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