The atmosphere at Colorado Buffaloes tailgate combines the athletic spectacle of Pac-12 football with the relaxing ambiance of the Colorado mountain landscape. The relaxing ambiance helps make tailgating at Colorado more laid back and relaxed than some of their fellow Pac-12 schools where everyone goes all out to get as drunk as possible. The laid back atmosphere also means that Buffaloes fans are some of the friendliest in the nation and more than willing to share food and drinks as long as you have something to offer.

When you arrive in Boulder, the first thing you’ll notice is how dedicated the fans here are to their team. Everywhere you go, you’ll find people adorned in black, silver, and gold as they prepare to cheer on their Buffaloes. Once you hit campus, you’ll see a sea of tents, grills, and other tailgate furnishings signaling that you’ve arrived at the biggest party in town. Don’t be shy and join in on the festivities as you’ll make friends quickly particularly if you are wearing Buffs gear.


Pearl Street Stampede

Every Friday before game day the festivities get kicked off with the Pearl Street Stampede. This pep rally and parade feature the band, cheerleaders, and the team.The Pearl Street Stampede is a great way to spend a Friday night as it allows you to get into the Buffaloes Gameday spirit a day early.

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Ralphie's Corral

Ralphie’s Corral offers fun activities for the whole family. If you’re bringing your family to the game, then Ralphie’s Corral is the perfect place to stop by before the game. Here you’ll find inflatable bounce houses, football toss games, beer, concessions, and much more. Not to mention it is your chance to get up close to Ralphie before the game, so make sure to stop by Ralphie’s Corral.

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Buffalo Round Up

Two and a half hours before the game, the Colorado band and cheerleaders lead the team as they march from the Duane Physics Building to Folsom Field. Arrive early and give the team some extra encouragement before they take the field.

Where to tailgate

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  1. We will be coming in for the UW game next weekend and are friendly fans where is a place for us to enjoy Boulder tailgating??? Thanks

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