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The Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens are one of the most successful teams in the FCS having won six national championships and 16 conference championships. The team’s success over the years has helped build an impressive fan base, which is apparent on game days as you’ll encounter a high turnout. Expectations may be high among the Blue Hens faithful, but that doesn’t mean you won’t hear plenty of cheering throughout the game even when things aren’t going Delaware’s way.

In addition to some fantastic fan support, Delaware also boasts one of the best bands in the Colonial Athletic Association. The band’s pregame and halftime shows are both must-sees, and if you’re a big college football fan or marching band fan, you’ll leave the game happy.

Throughout the stadium, you’ll find several tributes to past Fightin’ Blue Hens greats. In the southwest corner, there are busts of three of the most influential men in program history. The stadium also features posters of past players as well, which you’ll want to check out to remember all of your favorite former Blue Hens including NFL MVP Rich Gannon and Super Bowl winner Joe Flacco.

A Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens game is an excellent time for any college football fan, so start planning your trip to Newark, Delaware today.

Things to check out

Legends Busts

No trip to Delaware Stadium is complete without checking out the busts of Fightin’ Blue Hens greats David M. Nelson, William Murray, and Harold “Tubby” Raymond. The busts are located in the southwest corner of the stadium, so stop by and see them before the game.

Wall of Champions

Check out the Wall of Champions banner, which celebrates the all the Fightin’ Blue Hens biggest accomplishments from over the years. Whether you’re a new or longtime fan, you won’t want to miss reliving these incredible moments.

Former Player Posters

Before the game, take some time to see all the former player posters around the stadium. The posters honor some of the best Fightin’ Blue Hens in program history as well as the NFL, so don’t miss them during your trip to Delaware Stadium.

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Delaware Beer Gardens

Craft beer lovers won’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy some Delaware-brewed beers when taking in a Fightin’ Blue Hens game. The Delaware Beer Gardens are open to fans 21 and over who are Blue Club members, Delaware Diamond Society Members, or Premium Box Box Seat Ticket Holders.

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University of Delaware Marching Band

The University of Delaware Marching Band puts on quite the performance at games and is a must-see. The band’s routines are among the best around so enjoy the pregame and halftime shows.

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YoUDee is the official mascot of the University of Delaware and is loved by fans young and old. No matter what your age you’ll enjoy watching YoUDee’s antics throughout the game.

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The Cockpit is the name of the Delaware student section and is where you can find the loudest and craziest fans on game days. The students create a great deal of the atmosphere at Blue Hens games making them a can’t miss part of any game.

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Fight Songs

  1. UD Fight Song

    And then we’ll fight! fight! fight!
    for Delaware,
    Fight for the Blue and Gold,
    And when we hit that line,
    Our team is there
    with a daring spirit bold
    And when we strike with might
    Let foes beware
    Our glorious name we’ll uphold

    And then we’ll fight! fight! fight!
    for Delaware,
    Fight for the Blue and Gold,
    Delaware will shine to-night,
    Delaware will shine.
    When the sun goes down and
    the moon comes up,
    Delaware will shine.
    And then we’ll fight! fight! fight! for Delaware…

  2. Our Alma Mater

    Hail to thee proud Delaware,
    In loyalty we stand.
    We give thee thanks
    for glorious days
    Beneath thy guiding hand.
    Full often will we praise thy name,
    Thy colors proudly bear;
    We lift our voices now to sing
    All hail to Delaware.

  3. Blue! Hens!


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