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The tenth largest stadium in the NCAA is that of the Georgia University Bulldogs, a 92,746 seat stadium located in Athens, Georgia. Named after Dr. Steadman Vincent Sanford, former president of the University, Sanford Stadium is absolutely the place to be on Saturdays. The historic and distinctive privet hedges were planted in 1929 and remain there to this day, as a constant reminder of where the Bulldogs come from. A rivalry between Georgia and Georgia Tech was the driving force for Sanford Stadium as the Bulldogs wanted to accommodate a larger number of fans and has seen six major expansions over the years.

It is not uncommon for the stadium to fill to its maximum capacity on game days in Athens; Georgia’s average home attendance has ranked among the nation’s top ten for twenty-three consecutive seasons and among the top seven for twenty-one of the past twenty-four years. This makes Sanford Stadium one of the most electrifying in all of college football and makes for a great game day experience and atmosphere.

One of the most unique game day experiences at Georgia is Larry Munson and The Georgia Theatre. They set up a massive projector TV and have legend, Larry Munson, calling the game over the radio in a concert-like atmosphere. One of the perks of the Georgia Theatre is that you can go to the bathroom and back to your seat all within a commercial break, unlike being at the stadium.

Things to check out

UGA Mausoleum

The mascot of the Georgia Bulldogs is an actual bulldog and is much more than just a mascot of the University of Georgia fans. To commemorate the past Bulldog mascots that have unfortunately passed, there is a mausoleum inside the stadium to honor their beloved mascots

The Hedges

The privet hedges that encircle the field have been there since the stadium saw its first game in 1929. Charlie Martin, the Business Manager of the UGA Athletic Department at the time of the stadium’s creation, came up with the idea after visiting the Rose Bowl. Many other stadiums have copied this feature, but Sanford Stadium has the only one that surrounds the playing field.

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Krypton Fanfare

At the start of the fourth quarter, UGA fans hold four fingers in the air, and the Redcoat Band plays “Krypton Fanfare.” The crowd is on its feet and cheering for this UGA tradition.

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How 'Bout Them Dogs

During the 1978 season, the University of Georgia Bulldogs had some incredible come-from-behind victories in which this slogan surfaced. It gained national attention in 1980 when the Bulldogs won the National Championship

Fight Songs

  1. Alma Mater

    From the hills of Georgia’s northland
    Beams thy noble brow,
    And the sons of Georgia rising Pledge with sacred vow.
    ‘Neath the pine tree’s stately shadow
    Spread thy riches rare,
    And thy sons, dear Alma Mater,
    Will thy treasure share.
    And thy daughters proudly join thee,
    Take their rightful place,
    Side by side into the future,
    Equal dreams embrace.
    Through the ages, Alma Mater,
    Men will look to thee;
    Thou the fairest of the Southland Georgia’s Varsity.  

    Alma Mater, thee we’ll honor,
    True and loyal be, Ever crowned with praise and glory, Georgia, hail to thee.  

  2. Battle Hymn of Bulldog Nation

    Glory, glory to ole’ Georgia.
    Heroes have graced the field before you. Men with hearts, bodies and minds for which the entire Bulldog Nation can be justifiably proud. The tradition of unbridled excellence demonstrated by these individuals and many others spans more than a full century.

    And now a new breed of Bulldawg stands ready to take the field of Battle. To assume the reigns of their Georgia forebearers. To continue that tradition. Understanding that there is no tradition more worthy of envy. No institution worthy of such loyalty as The University of Georgia.

    As we prepare for another meeting between the hedges let all the Bulldawg faithful rally behind the men who now wear the red and black with two words. Two simple words that express the sentiments of the entire Bulldawg Nation…GO DAWGS

  3. Georgia Fight Song

    Go Georgia Bulldogs!
    Go Georgia Bulldogs!
    Go Georgia Bulldogs!
    Go Dawgs! Sic ’em!
    Woof, woof, woof!

  4. Glory, Glory

    Before home games, a Redcoat trumpet player stands in the southwest corner of the upper deck and plays a slow, solo version of Glory, Glory. After the solo is finished, the voice of late Larry Munson narrates a highlight package while the Redcoat Band plays the rest of tune, which Munson called “The Battle Hymn of the Bulldog Nation,” along with it.

    Glory, glory to old Georgia!
    Glory, glory to old Georgia!
    Glory, glory to old Georgia!
    Glory, glory to old Georgia!
    Glory, glory to old Georgia!
    Glory, glory to old Georgia!

  5. Hail to Georgia

    Hail to Georgia, down in Dixie!
    A college honor’d fair, and true;
    The Red and Black is her standard, proudly it waves. Streaming today and the ages through.
    She’s the fairest in the Southland We’ll pledge our love to her for aye; To that college dear we’ll ring a cheer,
    All hail to dear old U-G-A!
    Hail, our Varsity of Georgia!
    Thy sons will e’er thy glory sing:
    To thee we’ll ever be faithful, loyal and true;
    Ever and aye will thy praises ring. Grand old time of ours at Georgia The happiest days they’ll be always; Alma mater, fair beyond compare, All hail to dear old U-G-A!  

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