With a stadium that can seat over 90,000 fans, it only makes sense that the atmosphere on game day in Athens, Georgia is equally lively as it is loud and full of pride. Students and fans will gather together to celebrate their mutual love for the Bulldogs with multiple tailgating options. Anything from a bloody mary bar to potluck-style meals, Athens has it all!

The premier tailgating spots are booked up by donors and lifetime season ticket holders, but there are plenty of other options available to UGA fans and students. The whole town becomes a massive party-like atmosphere as football in the South, especially in Georgia where they have experienced a recent rise in success, is a huge part of the culture. While open alcohol in the street is technically illegal, as long as you are respectful and responsible, cops in Athens are more than willing to let it slide to allow fans to truly celebrate Saturday game day with the Georgia Bulldogs.


Dawg Walk

One of the most memorable Bulldogs tailgating traditions is “The Dawg Walk.” Herds of UGA fans gather around the parking lot of Tate Center to form a tunnel for the players and coaches as they enter Sanford Stadium. Once the team gets there, the music of the Redcoat Band plays as the team walks through the tunnel. The team greets the fans with high fives and fist bumps to get the fans fired up for the game, and the team fired up to take the W.

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Ringing of the Chapel Bell

It’s a tradition that started in the 1890s when the football field was closer to the chapel. Freshmen were compelled to ring the bell after a UGA win until midnight. The first year students are no longer required to do it as many students, alumni, and fans rush to ring the bell.

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Where to tailgate

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