1. The Swarm

Before every game, the Hawkeyes enter holding hands while jogging onto the field. The tradition dates back to the Hayden Fry days and builds an incredible amount of anticipation before the game.  Make sure not to miss it when attending a Hawkeyes football game!

2. The Wall of Honor

Located outside of the Paul Brechler Press Box, the Wall of Honor is a must-see for any Hawkeyes or college sports fan. It features the names and numbers of the nine members of the University’s Varsity Club Hall of Fame’s players, so stop by and check it out.

3. Hawkeye Band Pregame Concert

The band strikes up a pregame concert at the Recreation Building an hour and a half before the game. The concert is a great way to warm yourself up before the game both mentally and physically, so make sure to check it when attending a Hawkeyes games.

4. Nile Kinnick Statue

Stop by and snap a picture with the Nile Kinnick Statue during your trip to Iowa. The statue honors the Hawkeyes only Heisman Trophy winner and is located outside the south side of the stadium, so make sure to check it out.

5. Hawkapalooza and Fryfest

During the week leading up to the first game of the season, the Hawkeyes hold not one but two pregame celebrations. On Thursday everyone comes out for the Hawkapalooza pep rally and then on Friday there is, even more, celebrating to do at Fryfest. If you’re attending the first Hawkeyes game of the year, then arrive early and get into the Hawkeyes spirit by attending these two events.

6. Magic Bus

The Magic Bus is referred to as the number one tailgating spot at Kinnick.  The bus is operated by the rugby club, and the rugby club knows how to get pretty rowdy pretty quick.  The bus features a full stage on top of the roof and bands play here to entertain the masses and creates an impromptu rock concert before the game starts.

7. Herky the Hawkeye

Herky has been Iowa’s mascot since 1948 and made his first appearance a sporting event in 1959. At games, He entertains the crowd and gets everyone up and cheering, so keep an eye out for him as you never know where he’ll pop-up next.

8. Hawkeye Marching Band

The Hawkeye Marching Band puts on an incredible display at Iowa football games. The band’s pregame and halftime shows are among the best around making them a can’t miss part of any Hawkeyes game day.

9. Melrose Street

If you’re looking for the heart of the party, head on over to Melrose Street for some of the best keggers in the town. Melrose Street is the best place for the younger crowd and even if you’re not looking to take five years off of your liver, it’s a great place to people watch.

10. Spirit Squad

The Hawkeyes spirit squad is a big part of the Iowa experience. The spirit squad keeps everyone in action during timeouts and performs a variety of cheers and chants throughout the game. They do an incredible job of engaging and energizing the crowd, so be on alert for the spirit squad.

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