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There are few better places to be on a fall Saturday than a Kansas Jayhawks game where you’ll be able to enjoy the crisp fall weather and the beautiful sight of Lawrence in the fall. Located on the KU campus, Memorial Stadium is also a treat to visitors as you’ll be able to experience one of the more historical stadiums in college football as Memorial Stadium traces its origin back to 1921. You’ll have a great time in Kansas as Lawrence provides a quintessential college town atmosphere that really adds to the great game day experience that can be found in Lawrence.

Kansas fans may be basketball fans first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean they don’t support the Jayhawks football team as well. The fans here come out in strong numbers to support their team and as a result, sell out Memorial Stadium often. If in Lawrence on game day you wouldn’t be able to throw a dart without hitting a Jayhawks fan as the whole town is clad in blue and crimson.

Come prepared to chant Rock Chalk and wave the wheat and you’ll fit in wonderfully at Kansas. The beauty of Lawrence and the Jayhawks faithful are sure to make your trip to Memorial Stadium one to remember.

Things to check out

Waving the Wheat

KU has its personal version of the traditional wave at sporting events. Their version is known waving the wheat and features fans lifting their arms in the air and slowly waving them back and forth, which is reminiscent of Kansas wheat swaying in the prairies.

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Ring of Honor

The Ring of Honor located at the top of the northern bowl of Memorial Stadium honors the all-time greats who have donned the Jayhawks uniforms. It is a great honor to be a part of, and some of the members include Gale Sayers, John Riggins, and Bobby Douglass.

Fight Songs

  1. I'm a Jayhawk

    Talk about the Sooners, Cowboys and the Bears,
    Aggies and the Tiger and his tail.
    Talk about the Wildcats, and the Cyclone boys,
    But I’m the bird to make ‘em weep and wail.

    ’Cause I’m a Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay, Jayhawk,
    Up at Lawrence on the Kaw ’Cause I’m a Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay, Jayhawk,
    With a sis-boom, hip hoorah,
    Got a bill that’s big enough
    To twist a Tiger’s tail,
    Rope some ‘Horns and listen
    To the Red Raiders wail ’Cause I’m a Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay, Jayhawk,
    Riding on a Kansas gale.

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