While KU is widely known as a basketball school, tailgating on Campanile Hill and the downtown area still offers a fun game day experience. Located just south of Memorial Stadium, Campanile Hill is where a vast majority of the tailgating at Kansas University takes place. The motto around KU seems to be “win or lose we booze” so Lawrence on game days is alive with fans, partying, and having fun.

The cool thing about tailgating at Kansas is that from Campanile Hill you can see the inside of Memorial Stadium. This can come in handy if you’re sitting in the student section and want to get a good seat as you can watch the stands fill up while enjoying tailgating. It also means tailgating doesn’t have to end when the game starts as you can continue to tailgate without missing any of the action.

Lawrence also offers a good bar scene along Massachusetts Street, which means there are plenty of options for pregame entertainment. Regardless of whether you tailgate at the top of Campanile Hill or hit up the bars along Massachusetts Street, you’ll have a great time in Lawrence.


Booth Athletics Hall of Fame

The Hall of Athletics is a great display of Kansas Jayhawks athletic history. From championship ring collections to trophies, this is a must see for any college sports fan. It is an excellent way to experience the rich tradition of the Jayhawks. The best part about the Hall of Athletics is it’s free!

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Campanile Hill

Memorial Stadium was built with Campanile Hill overlooking it to the south. The hill was the reason the south end zone was left uncovered by seats and is a popular location for tailgaters. Make the trek up Campanile Hill to get an excellent view of Memorial Stadium.

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Football and Flapjacks

The morning of the homecoming game at the University of Kansas includes a pancake tailgate in the Alumni Center parking lot. Tickets are only $5 and the event lasts for three hours so before a day of heavy tailgating begins, be sure to get some Jayhawk pancakes.

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Marching Down the Hill

Before every Kansas football game you can catch the Jayhawks band march down the hill and run into the stadium. The scene is a sight to be hold and an excellent way to get pumped up before the game.

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Proud to be a Jayhawk Tailgate

Jayhawk fans 21 and older can drink and participate in a designated area three hours before game time as well as during halftime. The funds and donations collected at the Proud to be a Jayhawk tailgate are dispersed throughout Lawrence and Kansas University, so you can feel good about drinking on game day.

Massachusetts Street

Filled with restaurants, shops, and street performers, Massachusetts Street has something for everyone in Lawrence. When stopping here, make sure you give yourself enough time to explore the many unique places this six-block strip has to offer. On game day, whether it be basketball or football, the bars and restaurants are packed with fans cheering on the beloved Jayhawks.

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Where to tailgate

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