1. CatWalk

A great Fan tradition that has been going on for a long time is called the “CatWalk”. Fans make a preceding for the players to walk from the field house where the bus drops them off to Commonwealth stadium. The approximately 200 yard walk is lined up with UK fans the entire way, start to finish, that’s commitment right there.

2. Governor's Cup

Louisville and Kentucky play each year for the Governor’s Cup. The two schools first met in 1912 when the Wildcats shut out the Cardinals 41-0. The Governor’s Cup, however, did not become a regular rivalry until 1994 when the trophy was introduced. The Wildcats hold the all-time series 14-13 and will look to maintain the lead when these two teams meet later this year.

3. Gluck Equine Center

This location gives off the impression that UK is one of the best tailgate destinations in the SEC. The pond right by creates a serene setting, while everyone that enters the stadium via Nicholasville Rd. will see the spectacle as soon as they enter campus. Additionally, the neighborhood directly across the street is primarily for college students, marking a perfect meeting spot for on-campus students and commuters. It’s also the most spacious area near the stadium meaning a lot of good tailgating can be found here.

4. Wildcat Alumni Plaza Wildcat

There is a beautifully made sculpture of a wildcat in the center of the Wildcat Alumni Plaza. It represents the dignity, strength, and vigilance in which the University of Kentucky family takes great pride. A must-see!

5. Daily Double

Horse racing is huge in Kentucky, and many people like to hit up Keeneland Race Track and play the ponies before heading to campus to cheer on the Wildcats in the afternoon or evening. This is a great tradition that is unique to Kentucky and allows fans to get the full Kentucky experience.

6. Blue

Make sure to check out Kentucky’s live mascot, Blue, is a Bobcat (“Wildcat” generally refers to Bobcats.) who lives in Salato Wildlife Education Center. Sadly, Blue does not come out for any of the games because bobcats are very shy animals and don’t do well with big crowds.

7. Wildcat Refuge

Fans of all ages, especially the younger Wildcats, will enjoy playing at the Wildcat Refuge, located outside the southwest corner of Commonwealth Stadium. There are five enormous inflatable games that are available about three hours before kickoff. In addition to the inflatable games, there will be autograph sessions with UK sports teams, face painting, and an autograph tent with the mascot!

8. Tennessee Rivalry

Kentucky and Tennessee have played each other 108 times over 114 years with Tennessee winning 75 games to 24 wins by Kentucky. Like many big college rivalries, Kentucky and Tennessee had their trophy. A wooden beer barrel painted half blue and half orange. The trophy was awarded to the winner of the game every year from 1925 to 1997. The Barrel was introduced in 1925 by a group of former Kentucky students who wanted to create a material sign of supremacy over their rivalry. It was rolled onto the field that year with the words “Ice Water” painted on it to avoid any outcries over a beer keg symbolizing a college rivalry.

9. Wildcat Marchind Band

The Wildcat Marching Band puts on an excellent game day show that is sure to get any college football fan out of their seat. The band plays a great mix of contemporary jazz as well as classic songs. Although they’re probably most well known for playing Kentucky favorites like On, on, U of K, Kentucky Fight, and My Old Kentucky Home.

10. The Wildcat & Scratch

The Wildcat and Scratch are the two costumed mascots at the UK.These two love to entertain and pump up the crowd at Wildcat games. The Wildcat dates back all the way to 1976 and Scratch provides a youthful and kid-friendly persona who is perfect for fans of all ages.

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