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The Cajuns have hands down the best fan support in the Sun Belt and ever since winning the New Orleans Bowl in 2011, the UL-Lafayette fans have really kicked it up a notch. The low-lying nature of the stadium creates the perception that the fans are all around you as it simulates the feeling of playing in a valley. The intimidating atmosphere is sure to make a visit to Cajun Field an experience to remember for fans as well as opponents.

Cajun culture can be seen all throughout a Louisiana- Lafayette game as the fans come decked out in Cajun attire to cheer on their team. You’ll see a wide variety of Cajun attire at the game as everyone is sure to let you know where their allegiance lies. Fans here also show a lot of love and admiration for former players such as Jake Delhomme, whose jersey you’ll see plenty of at any Ragin’ Cajuns game. Put on your red and white to cheer on the Cajuns to victory.

Things to check out

Hills on Both Ends of the Stadium

The hills on both sides of the stadium allow for Cajun Field to exceed capacity and help provide an incredible atmosphere. Sit on one of the hills to get a unique in-game experience that you’ll only find at a few other stadiums.

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Large Scoreboard in the North End Zone

Before the 2014 season, the school installed a new 30 ft by 54 ft HD scoreboard. The massive scoreboard provides you with great views of the action no matter where you’re sitting, so enjoy the ability to see crystal clear replays when attending a Ragin’ Cajuns football game.

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You can see the Ragin’ Cajuns mascot Cayenne entertaining the crowd throughout the game. Cayenne the pepper is beloved by UL-Lafayette fans young and old, so keep an eye out for him at games as you never know what kind of trouble he’ll get into next.

Pride of Acadiana

The 250+ member Pride of Acadiana lends their support to the Ragin’ Cajun throughout the game. The band plays a variety of school songs during the game, and you won’t want to miss their incredible pregame and halftime shows. Arrive early and take in the Pride of Acadiana pregame show to get the full Ragin’ Cajuns game day experience.

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Fight Songs

  1. Ragin Cajuns Fight Song

    Fight on, Cajuns, fight on to victory
    For the Red and White,
    We will sing of triumph and glory,
    For our team tonight, You will hear the rage of the Cajuns,
    So let’s give a yell, (yeah!)
    Hustle up and bustle up and
    Fight on to victory – go UL!

  2. Alma Mater

    Alma mater, beloved
    old Southwestern,
    Pride of our Southland so fair!
    Oaks and pines and sweet
    magnolia’s beauty,
    Show forth thy charms so rare,
    Alma mater, for honor, truth
    and wisdom
    Thy halls for aye shall stand,
    Loyal sons and daughters sing
    Here’s my heart and hand.

  3. Cajuns Cheer

    Yeah Rouge
    Yeah Blanc
    Yeah Cajuns
    Hot Boudin!
    Cold Coush-Coush! Come on Cajuns, Push! Push! Push!!!

  4. Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns Cheers

    1st down cheer – (band plays music) GEAUX!  U!  L!
    2nd down cheer – (band plays music) HEY ROUGE!  ALLONS!  AIYEEEE!
    3rd down cheer – (band plays music) GEAUX CAJUNS!  GEAUX CAJUNS!  GEAUX CAJUNS!  GEAUX CAJUNS!
    Give ’em Hell!  UL!  Give ’em Hell!
    G-E-A-U-X  Geaux Cajuns Geaux!
    Ragin’ Cajuns!  Geaux!  Geaux!

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