Ragin’ Cajun tailgates provide an experience that is unique to Louisiana. Not only is it not uncommon to see hearses and caskets adorn with Ragin’ Cajun logos, but many fans you encounter here will also speak Cajun as well. The fan at a UL- Lafayette game create a Cajun style experience that can’t be found anywhere else, making a trip to Lafayette a must for any college football fan.

Louisiana is Cajun country, and that means if you come to Lafayette you better be ready to enjoy some delicious Cajun food. When make your way through the tailgate at Louisiana – Lafayette you’ll be met with the mouth-watering aromas of heavenly Cajun food from jambalaya to gumbo Ragin Cajun fans has you covered. If you love Cajun food then you’ve got to come out to a UL- Lafayette tailgate for a can’t miss Cajun cuisine experience.

The unique Cajun atmosphere found at UL-Lafayette tailgate makes a trip to see a Ragin’ Cajuns game a great time for anyone looking to experience a true Cajun tailgate.


Ragin Roar

Ragin’ Roar is the largest pep rally at the University of Louisiana- Lafayette, which takes place before first Ragin’ Cajuns home football game of the season. This time-honored tradition is a great way for students to show off their school spirit as well as a great way to start off the season.

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Stadium Arrival

Before every game, the Ragin’ Cajuns board a bright red bus that takes the team through the town to the stadium as they are cheered on by adoring fans. Once the team arrives at the stadium, they are led in by the band, and cheer squad as the fans continue to cheer them on. Make sure to show your support for the Cajuns by cheering them on when they pass you by on game day.

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Where to tailgate

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