1. The Grove

ULM fans like most southerners love to turn game day into an all out party featuring plenty of refreshing drinks and mouth watering food. The Grove is the tailgating hotspot at Warhawks’ games where alumni and students alike come out early in the morning and stay till kickoff. There are also a variety of tailgate activities that take place here ranging from bags to sumo wrestling.

2. Ace’s Flight onto the Field

ULM’s mascot Ace leads the Warhawks onto the field with his fighter jet car before each game. The tradition gets everyone pumped and is a must-see for anyone attending a Warhawks game, so get to your seat early and take in this fun tradition.


3. Massive Video Board

Malone Stadium boasts biggest video board in the Sun Belt after installing a 1,600 square foot scoreboard in 2011. The player introductions in particular showcase the board as it displays a video of a P40 Warhawk fighter blowing past planes representing the other teams in the conference. The intro generates an electric atmosphere that gets the fans fired up for the rest of the game.

4. Talon Tunnel

Don’t miss the Talon Tunnel when attending a Warhawks football game. Students make a tunnel for the players to run through as they take the field and it’s quite the sight to behold, so arrive early to see the Talon Tunnel.

5. Great Seats Available

The Warhawks may not have the best attendance in the Sun Belt, however, the fans that do go to the games make sure to provide the noise necessary to spur their team onto victory. One pleasant side effect of the lower attendance is that tickets to ULM games can be found for very reasonable prices. You may even be able to find tickets near the 50-year line for around $20 if you play your cards right. Head down to a Warhawks game for some exciting football at a great price.

6. ULM Team Walk

Before every ULM home game, the Warhawks football team walks through the Grove en route to the stadium. The team walk is an excellent opportunity to give the Warhawks some last minute encouragement, so don’t miss the team walk to show your support for the Warhawks.

7. They Can Play With the Big Boys

The Warhawks have quite the reputation for taking down the big boys of college football. Last season they began the season by beating Wake Forest 17 to 10. Later in the season, they lost a 21-16 nail biter to Texas A&M. The team is looking to secure their first bowl berth since playing in the Independence Bowl in 2012.

8. The Battle on the Bayou

The Battle of the Bayou between UL- Lafayette and UL- Monroe began in 1951 and had taken place every year since 1953. UL- Monroe may have won the first meeting 13-6, but since then things have been tightly contested with UL- Lafayette holding a 26-24 all-time series lead. A traveling trophy in the shape of a wooden boot was added in 2002, which only furthered the bragging rights that came along with winning this game. The Battle of the Bayou is one of the fiercest rivalries in the Sun Belt, and a must see for any college football fan.

9. Trail of Tears Classic

ULM and Arkansas State had met on a somewhat regular basis prior since 1959, but things didn’t really kick-off until 2006 when ULM joined the Sun Belt Conference. The Red Wolves lead the all-time series 22 games to 14 games and have a five-game winning streak that the Warhawks hope to snap this year.

10. The Bar Scene

The bar scene at ULM provides an excellent place to retreat to after the game. Win or lose the bars in Monroe will be packed as they provide a perfect place to revel in victory or wallow in the sorrow of a loss with fellow Warhawk fans. These bars provide plenty promotions and theme nights, which creates a college atmosphere that will take you back to when you were in school.

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