Maine may not be the first place you think of when it comes to tailgating, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a good time tailgating before a Black Bears game. Black Bears tailgates are a lot more relaxed than what you’ll find at other larger schools, but the camaraderie and friendliness on display creates a fun tailgating atmosphere for any football fan.

You’ll want to arrive at Alfond Stadium early as the lots here open three hours before kickoff and fill up fast. Everywhere you look on game days you’ll find Black Bears fans dressed in blue and navy grilling out and having fun.

Another great part about tailgating before a Black Bears game is that it’s free to tailgate in two of the three lots outside Alfond Stadium. Take advantage of the free parking and enjoy tailgating at a Black Bears game to its fullest.

You won’t find the rowdy crowd of an LSU or Ohio State, but you’ll still have an enjoyable time tailgating with Maine fans before a Black Bears game.


Pregame Band and Cheerleader Appearances

Enjoy the appearances by the band, cheerleaders, and mascot before the game. All three put on a fun pregame performance and help create a festive feeling surrounding the tailgate.

Harold Alfond Statue

Snap a picture with the Black Bears’ stadium’s namesake before the game. Alfond made lots of contributions to Maine athletics over the years, making his statue a must-see for longtime Black Bears fans.

Bear Necessities

Stop by the Bear Necessities shop in Alfond Arena before the game to pick up a souvenir. Here you’ll find Black Bears t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, and much more, so no matter what kind of souvenir you’re looking for you won’t leave empty-handed.

Where to tailgate

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