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Maryland is one of the newest teams in the Big 10 conference and has carried their timeless traditions with them to their new conference. Since Maryland Stadium’s opening in the 1950’s, it has undergone several renovations – namely three major projects in the 90’s – that has resulted in the stadium’s current form.

The two video boards, one old and one new, helps to symbolize the coming together of the past and present inside Maryland Stadium. Sand-molded brick is used all throughout the stadium, which matches the brick used for most of Maryland’s buildings. The matching brick keeps the traditional feel of the University of Maryland. You’ll love the architecture and layout of Maryland Stadium, which helps provide an in-game experience that is unique to Maryland.

The fans inside Byrd Stadium have had a lot to cheer for as the school holds the third-most ACC championships with nine, behind Clemson and Florida State. It is also an exciting time to be a Terrapins fan, as their time in the Big 10 conference is only just beginning. You’ll have a great time cheering on the Terps with fellow fans while they make a name for themselves in the Big Ten.

Things to check out

Tyser Tower

This 90-foot-high, five tier building was built in the 90’s and accommodates for 300 exterior luxury suites, a hospitality suite with theater style seating, television and radio booths, and a photo deck.


At every home game, a small cannon is fired after a Maryland score, prompting the mascot Testudo to hit the deck and do push-ups. Listen for the cannon for your chance to cheer on Testudo as he does his push-ups.

Jingle Your Keys

To keep the noise down during offensive plays, Maryland fans will jingle their keys to show support yet still allow the team to hear the signals from the backfield.

Mighty Sound of Maryland

The Mighty Sound of Maryland is the official marching band of the University of Maryland. The team puts on a great show that any college football and marching band enthusiasts would enjoy. Some of their most famous songs to perform are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Theme Song and the University’s Victory song.

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Fight Songs

  1. Alma Mater

    Hail, Alma Mater,
    Hail to thee, Maryland! Steadfast in loyalty,
    For thee we stand.
    Love for the Black and Gold,
    Deep in our hearts we hold. Singing thy praise forever, Throughout the land.

  2. Maryland Victory Song

    Maryland we’re all behind you, Raise high the black and gold. For there is nothing half so glorious,
    As to see our team victorious. We’ve got the team boys,
    We’ve got the steam boys,
    So keep on fighting, don’t give in!

    M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D (yell)
    Maryland will win!

  3. Fight Song

    Fight, fight, fight for Maryland,
    Honor now her name again,
    Push up the score, keep on fighting for more,
    For Maryland, GO TERPS! And we will fight, fight, fight for terrapins,
    Keep on fighting ’till we win.
    So sing out our song as we go marching along, To victory!!!

  4. Move Those Chains

    When the Terps make a first down, fans will start with a very loud “Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” followed by three chants of “Move those chains!” while making the first down signal.

    Move those chains!
    Move those chains!
    Move those chains!

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